Why Most Healthcare Professionals Are Using Social Media The Wrong Way

Why Most Healthcare Professionals Are Using Social Media The Wrong Way


Okay, so I’ve been talking about building your business through social media lately, and let’s face it, social media is great for marketing your practice, no doubt about that here! I think that it?s becoming the best way for healthcare professionals to do so because it’s less expensive than any other way of marketing yourself! It’s definitely the best way to market yourself as a healthcare professional if you’re new. . .

Even if you have a larger budget for your marketing, social media is still one of the best ways to get new patients into your practice. With all that said, I still don’t think that enough healthcare providers are using it the right way to grow their practices. So, today we?re going to go through how to change your approach and mindset when it comes to using social media to market and grow your business.

Get Clear On Your Goals

Focus on the goals of your practice. What is your main purpose of using social media for your business? If you?re currently struggling with not having enough patients scheduled everyday, then of course you?re looking for more patients! And, if your #1 goal is to get patients off social media to come into your practice, then you have to use your social media platforms strategically. ?

But, let’s dive deeper. ?How do you want those patients to come into your business? Do you want to get more people visiting your website and filling out a form? Do you want people to call your office directly to book their appointment? Or, do you want people to come into your office as a walk-in when they?re ready? You need to know what the answer is if you want to get results! You may want more than 1 of these to be the case, and if you’re newer to owning your business, you’re probably thinking heck I’ll take any of those results! But for the purpose of making social media easy, choose your preferred method of how you want to bring in your new patients, and build your strategy around that.

Your Follower Count Isn?t Important

You have to change the way that you look at social media and how you?ll use it to grow your practice if you want to be successful on the platforms. We pour so much time and energy into trying to build up a following because we associate the numbers as being “successful.” The truth is, it’s not about being popular, it’s about being PROFITABLE! So, don’t worry about your numbers, worry about educating your potential patients so that you can start converting your followers into patients.?

The best way to do this is by creating a strategy and creating content that will resonate with your ideal audience! Let’s talk about that for a second. . .

Create Content for Social Media That Contributes To Your End Result

I talk a lot about content creation so make sure that you browse my blog to learn even more tips about creating content that converts. But since you’re reading this blog right now, let’s talk about content creation that gets you to your goals.

The key to creating content that converts is to (1) create content for your ideal audience (to find out more about attracting your ideal audience click here), (2) show why you are different than the rest, (3) make the content focused on your audience rather than on you, (4) drive traffic to your method of contact (your website, your phone number, your office, etc).

That?s it, it?s that simple. Doesn?t seem too complicated does it? That?s because it?s not. Marketing on social media doesn?t have to be complicated if you don?t make it that way. ?I want you to let it be easy. . .that’s my motto when I get overwhelmed. ?(Feel free to use it)

From this point on, I don’t want you to just be on social media. ?I want you to USE social media– (There’s a difference, trust me)! Get clear on your goals and be intentional about your posting strategy. ?Social media is a big investment of your time, and if you want to get results, you need to know what to do. Without having a strategy and an end goal in mind, you’ll end up feeling like social media isn’t working for you and that it’s wasting your time. ?Don’t go down this rabbit hole!

I’ve created a little cheat sheet for you. . .it will help you get your goals set. ?You can download that for free below!

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