What Makes You Unique On Social Media

What Makes You Unique On Social Media


When it comes to social media marketing for your practice there is a lot of noise that you have to make your way through. And sometimes it can be hard to see where you fit into the puzzle. So, if you feel as though you?ve been blending in with everyone else and haven’t really made your mark when it comes to your social media marketing, then today?s blog post is definitely going to be for you.

I know it just seems so oversaturated, and if you want to be seen, then you’ve got to stand out. ?Learning what makes you unique on social media?will be the deciding factor on whether or not your ideal patients will follow you and reach out to learn more about making an appointment with you.?

So the question is, how do you stand out? I?m going to show you three different ways to do that.

1. Get Clear On Your Story

Your career may not be unique, but your story is. I?m not the only dentist on the planet, there are so many of us! (raise your hand if you used to worry about this, because I sure did!) But, by getting clear on my story I was able to show what made me different in the sea of so many other dentists. No matter how many similarities you have in your career with other healthcare professionals, if you can get clear on your story then you will never have to worry about blending in with anyone else. ?This is key for your social media marketing strategy.

If you?re not sure what your story is and why it?s so important for your social media marketing strategy, then I want you to dig deep and think about the journey that has gotten you where you are today. I oftentimes share what dental school was like for me, my family and husband, my travels, and my work. I share all of these details because they make up who I am and they?re a piece of my story. People want to know you! So, you have to come from behind the screen and let them get to know you.

2. Figure Out Why What You Offer Is Unique

Now, you may THINK that what you do is not groundbreaking and unique compared to others in your field, but guess what. . .it is. ?Because nobody is you. So you have a unique way of providing your services or treatments. ?You just have figure out what that unique thing is so that you can leverage it for you social media marketing. ?

So. . .do you have a super cool way that you work with your patients while they?re in the office? Do you have incredible bedside manner? Do you have special decor that makes your patients feel like they?re being seen on a tropical island? Do you go above and beyond to help your patients, if so how? Do you use unique products or tools??

No matter how cookie cutter you may think that your practice is, I?m sure there?s something that you do for your patients that stands out from what other people do for theirs. ?You may not realize it because you have a routine, so you can ask your staff or some of your patients for help! I bet that your ideal patient can truly help you make a decision about what makes you unique on social media.

My friend is an eye doctor, and yesterday she was sharing with me photos from another eye doctor’s office she went to visit. ?The entire office was customized to feel like you were in a Star Trek movie. ?I mean from the seats, to the lighting along the walls, to the hand carved wood that adorned the countertops. . .I’ve never seen anything like it! Now, this doctor definitely has a specific ideal patient, but it’s HIS ideal patient and it works for him. This is what he uses to stand out. ?You may not have a Star Trek-like office, or anything similar, but you have something that makes you and your office unique. ?Use it for your social media marketing and go all the way with it!

3. Get Grounded On What Your Why Is Again

The final thing we are going to discuss that makes you unique is your why. ?Get back to your roots and get clear on why you chose to become a healthcare professional and why in your specific field of expertise. Becoming a healthcare professional was not easy by any means. ?It took commitment, hard work, and a whole lot of sacrifice. ?Why did you do it? You had something that drew you in and made you decide that this was the right path for you. All of the money, late nights, and hard times were worth it because you knew that this was your calling. And even though some days are still really hard, you still know that your career was meant for you.

When you get back to this why and allow that passion to drive your marketing, you?re going to see better results. Your why can help you to stand out because you?re going to attract people who connect with it. You?ll find that your ideal patients have the same values, beliefs, and missions as you do. But, they can?t connect with your why if you never put it out there. Use your why as part of your social media marketing strategy.

So, what makes you unique? What’s your story? How are you different from everyone else? While these may seem like basic and simple questions, they?re so powerful. Sit down and put some real thought into them and see what you come up with. The answers may just surprise you and give you a ton of content ideas for your social media marketing. ?

I have a cheat sheet for you that will really help you get clear on why you are unique. ?Make sure you download it and answer all the questions so that you can stand out when it comes to your social media marketing!

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