Time management for social media

If you need help with your social media time management when it comes to using social media for your business, then watch the above video, or continue reading this blog. Also, make sure you download the FREEBIE I’ve created for you to help you with your time management from below!

My name is Dr. Yazdan, and I’m a cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, CA. I’ve grown quite a following on social media and have cracked the code at how to turn followers into patients. My goal is to help other healthcare professionals do the same. Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel to be notified every time I post a new video to help you grow your business.

On a daily basis I get so many questions about this. People are always asking me how I have time to post on social media daily, how I have time to respond to comments and DMs. How I have time for social media and to run a dental practice. My answer is simple. I don’t actually have time… I MAKE time.  I have made social media a part of my daily life.  I have a designate time I post every day so that I will stay accountable. Just like posting these blogs/videos, I don’t have time to do them. I make the time for them because I know they are important.  I literally schedule as much time as I need, and if someone calls and asks me to do something during that time, I will let them know I have a commitment and I will decline.

I recommend you do the same because social media time management is so important. When you start blocking time out like this, magical things start to happen in your business.  Blocking out time is so important.  One thing I know to be true is that I don’t decide my future. I decide my habits and my habits decide my future.  I have learned to create habits that will make my business grow. I made it a priority, and it worked.  I want you to do the same, and blocking out time like this is one of the the biggest time management tips I have for you.

You need to understand that social media is a must for your business. It’s silly not to be using social media to market your business in this day in age. It can really transform your business if you’re using it correctly. To get you started, get a printed calendar and write down a post idea every single day. Every day you do that, put a red X on that day. Soon, it will become about not breaking the chain and the red X will end up being a mini reward…. a small burst of dopamine that will keep you going. It’s a good way to help you feel progress in a long process.

Here’s why you need to be posting often. How Instagram and Facebook work is that when you post, the engagement happens, and after about 24 hours, the engagement is gone on that post. So you need to post again.  You need to show up every day. It’s how you get people to talk about your business, it’s how you get people to know you, to like you, to trust you. It’s how you will turn your followers into patients and how you will transform your business. It’s hard to get in the habit, but once you learn how the importance of social media time management, everything kind of falls in place.

So make the time! Start with an hour a week. Plan out your content. Begin your social media time management journey now! To help you get started with your posting ideas, I’ve created a FREE download just for you. Above you can find a social media post planner to help you get started! This will help you map out your upcoming posts and get organized.

If you need more help, then I have another free download. It’s an Instagram Guide specifically for healthcare professionals. It has 30 captions…which means 30 post ideas to get you started.  You can use the captions as they are and copy and past them, or use them to get inspiration for your own caption.  These captions were created in a way to get your audience to engage with you. This guide will give you a head start on your posting habit.  When you actually know what you are posting about, posting becomes easy and fast.  You don’t end up coming home from a busy day to find something to write about, formulate the caption, find a photo, etc.  When you know what you’re posting, social media becomes a simple part of your daily life that isn’t stressful.

Additionally, the guide will give you a daily Instagram strategy and will really help you with your social media time management. The Instagram strategy is one you should be using to grow your following, grow your engagement, and turn your followers into patients. So do yourself a favor, click the link below, and download the FREE guide!  Do the work… download the guide, print it out, take notes, create the captions, and let this be the best way you learn how to manage your time for social media.

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