The Biggest Myths About Marking Your Practice on Social Media

The Biggest Myths About Marking Your Practice on Social Media


When it comes to finding a healthcare provider your potential patients are not experiencing a lack of choices. Because they are not at a lack of choices, it?s your job to show them why they should choose you as their doctor. ?In order to do that, you should definitely be using social media and online marketing to make your practice stand out from other healthcare providers in your field.

In today’s world, more and more consumers are using social media and online searches to make their decision about who they chose to work with. If you don?t have a presence on social media then you are most likely going to lose out to someone who does. People want to know who they are going to be working with, what that person stands for, and that they can get the results they desire when working with that doctor.


Because social media is so important, I wanted to go ahead and go through the three biggest myths about social media and how it can help you to grow your practice.

Myth Number 1: Social Media Is Free To Market Your Business

Creating accounts on social media is free. You don’t have to pay anything to create your accounts on the major social media platforms. All you need is either a phone number or an email to create an account. Because the signup process and basically using the app is free a lot of the times we think that social media itself is free. And, that?s a big myth.

Yes, the basics of social media are free but trust me, it costs you something. It can cost you time to actually implement your social media strategy, if you have a team that is working on social media for you then that will cost you money, and if you decide to use any scheduling apps (which will save you on time) then those will most likely cost you something as well.

So, social media is free but not once you start getting intentional and strategic about how you?re going to use it to grow your business, you?ll see that there is definitely an investment that has to be made. How that investment looks for you will all depend on what the strategy is that you’re trying to implement.

Myth Number 2: You Don?t Need A Strategy for Social Media

So many healthcare professionals don?t look at social media as a real marketing strategy. I see people just posting to post. But, social media is just like any other marketing strategy that you?re going to use in your business. If you want to be successful at it, you need a strategy. I personally believe that it can be a lot more effective than more traditional marketing strategies if you have the right plan for how you?ll use it.

We?ve already established the fact that social media is not a free thing and if you?re going to invest time and possibly money into something, it makes sense that you should have a strategy in place. You don?t want to be using social media blindly. You need to have a plan and a strategy for how you?re going to use it. ?Otherwise, you are simply wasting your time (and money).

If you need help with creating a strategy for your social media marketing, check out my other blog posts all about creating a social media strategy for your business.

Myth Number 3: You Can?t Sell Your Services On Social Media

I think that is a funny mindset to have but it?s one that a lot of healthcare providers have when it comes to social media. You can definitely sell your services on social media. Social media is actually one of the best tools to sell your services and let people know why they should want to visit with your practice.

When it comes to selling your services on social media, you have to think about the experience that you?re selling. Show what it?s like to work with you, who you are, why your practice is different, what your speciality is, and whenever possible share your work with patients. For example, I share videos of me working on patients on Instagram and share the transformation that the patient is going through, with the patient’s permission of course. Here?s an example of this type of ?selling? but not directly selling post.

I hope you now have the information you need to help shift your mindset around social media and get past the myths that are most likely holding you back from taking action. I encourage you to take the tips that I?ve shared and actually put them to use so that you can start making social media work for your practice.

Don’t forget to download my FREE cheat sheet to help you on your journey! I’m gifting you 3 tips on how to sell your services without being salesy.

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