The 3 Types Of Content That Attracts New Patients

The 3 Types Of Content That Attracts New Patients


If you?re going to be marketing your practice on social media, or online in general, you?re going to need to create content to attract new patients. No matter what platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) you choose to show up on, you will need valuable content to market your practice in order to get in front of your ideal patient. What do I mean by valuable content? ?I mean content that is easy for people to digest, interact, and take action with!

Creating content for marketing your practice doesn?t have to be hard or complicated by any means. The best kind of content that you can create will tell your story and the story of your brand/practice and why your ideal patients should care about it. To help you get started I wanted to tell you the three types of posts that you can be creating starting today to get more patients in the door of your practice.


Sneak Peeks of Your Office and How Things Work

Patients want to know what your office looks like. ?They want the inside scoop, and some behind-the-scenes details. By showing them what you do inside of your office, how things work, and where they will ultimately (and hopefully) end up visiting, helps to build up that know, like, and trust factor. The truth is that most people already have some kind of fear about having to visit a healthcare professional like yourself so you have to do your part to help ease some of that anxiety. So, as you are working in your office, and this could be something as simple as restocking or cleaning things, snap a picture and write a story that goes along with it.

Behind-The-Scenes of Your Work with Patients

Speaking of around your office and some behind-the-scenes details, how about showing what you?re doing while you work with patients? We assume a lot of the time that our ideal patients know what the procedures/products/services we offer are like, but many don?t know what it’s?really?like. This is a great way to educate those who are considering coming in for a visit about what you do, showcasing your unique process, and again building up that know, like, and trust factor that you need to have with them. Consider taking notes and pictures of different segments of your day and what you?re doing so that you can create content and share about it later. ?You can talk about the different procedures you offer, who is a candidate, the difference between two similar treatments. . .people are always ready to gobble this stuff up! It’s valuable information and it actually positions you as an expert in the eyes of your ideal patient.

A Glimpse Into Who You Are Outside of Your Work

The final piece of content that I think you need to be sharing with your audience and potential patients is about you and your life. Now you get to decide how personal you want to get with this kind of content. But, your ideal patients want to know who you are and who they?re going to be working with. You know that your ideal patients have no shortage of people that they can work with and because of this, you have to show them why you’re different and why they should want to visit your practice. The best way to do that is to show who you are because it?s the one thing that no other healthcare provider can do quite like you do. ?Additionally, it helps build that trust factor. ?When a potential patient can see what you do in every day life, they feel like they know you, and they feel they can relate to you, you start to build a connection. ?People are more likely to work with someone they feel they have a relationship with.?


There you have it, three ideas to get you started on creating content for your marketing. Brainstorm some of the different pieces of content that you can create under each of these categories. You could post one thing under of each of these throughout the next week, and use this to build up to a healthy content posting routine. The best part is, you?re using content that is already there from your work and your personal life. This means that you don’t have to do any extra work.

Now to help you further, I have created a cheat sheet for this. ?Make sure you download it, print it, and fill it out so that you can get your content on point! Enjoy!


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