Why You Need A Social Media Scheduler To Stay On Top of Your Marketing

Why You Need A Social Media Scheduler To Stay On Top of Your Marketing

I know it’s hard to keep up. It’s hard to keep up with your tasks at your office, it’s hard to keep up with social media! It’s like it’s never ending and there’s always so much to do!?

But I’m here to make your life a little easier! I’m sure by now you’ve heard that there are apps that can assist you with posting on your social media! You create posts, you schedule them, and the apps help you distribute your content amongst the different platforms. There are a ton of them out there, but the question is which one is right for you?

One of my favorites for Instagram planning is Planoly. I love that I can plan out my feed and content using a social media scheduler, and I can see esthetically how everything will look in my feed before I post. ?This way, I don?t have to think about what to post and what images to use the moment I?m ready to post. ?It also helps me stay consistent (which is a key ingredient when it comes to your social media success).

So today, I wanted to share how you can use a social media scheduler to help you plan and stay on top of your social media marketing. I want to put this little disclaimer in here: I don?t recommend that you use a scheduler to auto-post your content for you. I think you should take the time to manually post your content on your social media platforms and specifically on Instagram. (Can you tell that I love Instagram? If you?re not already following me over there, you can do so here)

Let’s talk about three different ways that you can use a social media scheduler to do more than post for you.

Brainstorm Ideas:

The first thing that you could use a social media scheduler for is to brainstorm your ideas for content that you want to share. A lot of the tools that you can use for this will give you a place to keep drafts of content or write notes and you should take full advantage of this. This will help you to keep all of your content ideas in one place and then you can easily plan them out, and enhance them when you have the time or when you make time to create your content. If you?re going to be on multiple platforms, try finding a tool that lets you do this for all of your platforms so that you?re not bouncing back and forth between different tools.

Plan Out The Visuals:

The second thing that you could use a social media scheduler for is to help you plan out your visuals. Social media, especially Instagram, tend to be visual platforms, and in order to get the results that you want, you need to make sure that you?re visually showing up the best way that you can. Taking the time to plan out your visuals will help you make sure you?re staying visually cohesive across the board and that all of our visuals flow together and tell one story rather than having a bunch of images that look like they were just thrown together.

Schedule Your Content:

The third thing that you could use a social media scheduler for is to schedule your content. Now, I?ve mentioned that I don?t think that you should use a tool to auto post your content for you but I don?t think that there?s anything wrong with using it to schedule and remind you of when you need to post. Sometimes during work, the day can get away from you and you?ll forget to post at the right times for your account. So, use your tool to remind you to post when it?s the best time of the day for you to share your content.

Now you understand a few more details about how you can use a social media scheduler for more than just posting for you. I hope that these tips have inspired you to not just stay on top of your social media but to be a lot more intentional about how you?re going to use social media and the content that you want to share. I would love to know how you?re currently planning out your social media and the tool that you’re using! Share it with me below.

AND, as always. . .I’ve created a little cheat sheet with my favorite social media scheduling apps! Some work for mobile, some work for a computer, some work for both! Make sure to check download the cheat sheet and check them out below!

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