3 Social Media Templates That Save Time & Create Engagement

3 Social Media Templates That Save Time & Create Engagement

Have you ever opened up a social media app like Instagram (or whatever your favorite platform is – maybe Facebook) and had no idea what you wanted to say? No idea what was coming next? And no idea what you needed to post to get your ideal patients to pay attention to what you?re sharing. I can’t stand that scramble of figuring out what to say, and a picture to go with it.?

If this sounds like what your social media marketing plan looks like, you?re already behind the ball and most likely will end up not getting the results that you want. To truly see results from marketing on social media, especially Instagram, you need to have a clear plan in place. And you can?t be haphazardly posting and throwing things together when you realize that you haven?t posted for days. That won?t get you the results you are looking for!

One of the biggest struggles that you’re probably facing right now, and why you?re most likely going days and days without consistently posting on social media, is because you don?t know what to say. You?re not a writer and creating captions for social media just isn?t on your list of things you can, like, and want to do. But, without content, you can?t truly show up on social media.

So, what are you supposed to do?!

Well, I’m making it easy for you. . .

Create a social media template for your content! Templates are great for those who don’t enjoy creating content and to be honest they’re also great for when you don?t have the time to create something from scratch. And, if you create them in advance, they can even help boost your engagement!

So, what exactly is a content template? A content template is exactly what it sounds like. It?s a template that you can use to create content. It makes you’re life so much easier because it’s already set up for you. This means that you come up with the topic that you want to talk about and then use your template to help you quickly create the content that you want to share.

Now, there are a lot of different templates that you can create but I want to tell you about the three that you need to create right now to save yourself some time.

Template #1 | A Story Based Template

The first social media template that you need to create is a story based template. A story based template means that you?re going to give some content and weed in your story or a patient story to help make the content make sense and come together. So you start your template with an intro that includes a story, deliver your content, and then wrap it up. You?ll follow this formula every time that you need to share a piece of content that needs to be backed up with a story.

Since people have an easier time connecting with stories, they’ll be more likely to engage with your post! Stories allow your followers to see into your life, and they also make you relatable. I recommend that you go ahead and create a few story templates that you can fill-in-the-blank and share.

Template #2 | A Sales Based Template

The second social media template that you need to create is a sales based template. You need to have a flow and formula for when you want to promote your services to your audience. Yes, you need to be promoting your services sometimes on social media if you want to intentionally get people into your practice. Your template could look something like intro to the offer, why it?s important, relevant story, and a CTA (call to action). If you have different services that you want to promote you will want to make sure that you create different templates for each one so you make it easier for yourself.

Your call to action could be a way to get your audience to engage with you. ?You could have them ask you questions about the products/services/procedures you are promoting. ?This will allow you to respond back to their questions, which will help you create a long term connection and relationship with your followers. ?When your followers know, like, and trust you, they will begin to seek treatment from you. ?So although your CTA could be “click the link in my bio to make an appointment” don’t underestimate the power of connecting with your audience!

Template #3 | An Engagement Based Template

Sometimes the content that you share will be simply to get a reaction out of your community and not for them to actually purchase something from you (I suggest you do this often. . .nobody wants to be sold to on every post). If you create these social media templates beforehand and you only have to fill a few things in you?ll save yourself a lot of time and energy. To create these kind of templates you?ll want to see which of your post have gotten the most engagement and model those. If you need some inspiration, look at the posts of those who do something similar as you, and who have a following of your ideal patients.

Again, getting your audience to respond and engage with your posts is a great way for you to build relationships. ?It also is the very thing that will help your account grow. ?So although you want to use your social media to market your practice and to get patients into your door, you don’t always need to do this by promoting your services/products/procedures. ?You can do this simply by talking to your audience, and helping them realize why they can trust you, and why they should choose YOU!

Creating content templates is by far one of the most productive things you can do to set yourself up to be consistent on social media. There is some time investment up front but it will definitely be worth it in the future.?

Now for the freebie. . .I’ve created a social media template for you! Make sure to download it and fill it out! It will definitely give you a boost!


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