Social Media For Business: The Things You Didn’t Learn In School

Social Media For Business: The Things You Didn’t Learn In School

Let’s talk about social media for business, specifically how you can use social media to increase the production in your office and actually grow a business.

Here’s the truth: When I was going through dental school, I learned how to be a dentist (duh). . . But what I mean is I learned how to diagnose, I learned how to drill, I learned how to care for patients. . . What I learned definitely gave me a jumpstart into the dentist that I am today. But like most professional schools, there was a lot that I didn?t learn. Not by choice. . .there was so much that just wasn’t taught. ?Like how to be in business and how to grow a business, or how to use social media for business. While we may have touched on the subject of business here and there, it was nothing that prepared me for the practice that I have grown and am growing right now.

When you decide to go into business, you take on a lot of different roles. You’ve got to wear all the hats in your business. And you know what, that includes learning how to embrace and use social media marketing to grow your practice.

But, marketing and growing your practice on social media isn?t that easy because you weren?t taught how to do it. In fact, not many people have been taught how to use?social media for business. That?s why this blog is going to walk you through three things you didn’t learn about marketing your practice, especially on social media, and how to overcome them.

1 | Why Social Media Is Non-Negotiable

No matter what kind of practice you have, I?m convinced that you can use some form of social media marketing to help you grow your business. Social media marketing allows you to reach people that you wouldn?t otherwise be able to get in front of. And, for the most part, you have the potential to get in front of these people for free. That means that you can put your content, offers, and your practice in front of your ideal patients without ever having to spend a dime on advertising or having to leave your office to do so. ?If that doesn’t convince you enough to hop onto using social media for business bandwagon then I’m not sure what else to tell you. ?But business owner to business owner, when good marketing is FREE, it’s a no brainer!?

2 | How To Work Within A Marketing Budget

If you didn?t learn about marketing then I?m sure that you also didn?t learn anything about budgeting. For the most part, marketing your business on social media is free. However, when you want to kick things up a notch, you can start to invest in online marketing. Running Facebook ads are great ways to get started.

The best advice that I can give you on creating your marketing budget is to be realistic with what you can afford. And, until you?ve been able to organically, meaning without any money being spent on marketing and advertising, attract people to your practice, you shouldn?t spend thousands of dollars on online marketing. Once you?ve perfected what works for free, then try to put money behind your strategy and increase your results.

3 | How To Sell Your Treatments/Services/Products

The final thing that I want to talk about is selling. You have to know how to sell what you do. Only telling people about your profession isn?t going to cut it when it comes to marketing on social media and using?social media for business. Just because you provide a service doesn?t mean that your ideal patient will choose you over others out there. They need to know that you?re the one that they should want to have the treatment done with. You need to get clear on what makes you different and unique (read this blog post to help find out what makes you unique on social media). Once you figure that part out, you need to create content that helps tell your ideal patients about it. Don?t be shy either. Show off your work and patient results as much as you can.

I believe that every practice should be using social media to help market and grow their business. It?s the most effective when it comes to getting in front of new clientele, and when it comes to managing your time and budgeting your money. You can market your business without having to leave the office or having to have a huge marketing budget. While it?s not as easy as just posting here and there it is definitely one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can implement into your business.

As always, I’ve created a cheat sheet for you. ?It’s short and sweet, but really valuable if you do the work! Make sure to download my social media marketing catch-up plan below!


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