Should you share your team on your social media channels as a healthcare provider

Should you share your team on your social media channels as a healthcare provider

As you start to show up more on social media the people that you spend a lot of your day with will at some point come up, right? If you?re constantly showing your workday then the people that you work with at some point will come up. People who follow you on social media, mainly Instagram, will want to know who you?re talking to. Those who follow you are nosey. And let?s be honest we all just want to be in the mix and know what?s going on. Your followers aren?t any different, trust me, they?re just like you.

But, there?s a lot that you have to consider when it comes to sharing your team on social media. You have to consider how they feel about it, what impact it has on your brand, and whether or not it is something that your community really wants to see.

Today, I want to walk through the pros and cons of each of these and hopefully, you?re able to make a decision about what?s going to be the right fit for you.

How Does Your Team Feel About It

The most important thing that you need to consider is how your team will feel about you sharing them on social media. Not everyone likes being on video or just pictures of them being shared on social media. I know that it?s weird to think about with the digital age that we live in. But, you never know what’s going on for someone behind their job. So, you should always ask permission first when you?re going to share someone. And, if you don?t get the answer that you want, you should not judge them and respect their decision.

On the other hand, some of your team may LOVE being in the spot light for a little! I know that at my office, whenever I post my team members, they get so excited! Having happy and excited staff members in your workspace is really important, and if that can happen by a simple Instagram or Facebook story. . .then heck. . .why not?!

But you also need to think about how it will impact your brand. . .which brings me to the next section of this blog post.

How Will It Impact Your Brand

Another thing that you have to consider when sharing your team on social media is the impact that it will have on your brand. When you decide to share your team on social media they become a representation of your brand. Have you ever seen the larger brands who have taken fire for things that their employees have done on social media? Sure you have, we all have.

Now, I?m not saying that you?re a huge brand with horrible employees, nope not at all. But, you just have to be mindful that just as the person who is in your office has an impact on the people that walk through the door the same is true for social media.

If you have new members to your team, you should probably wait a while before posting them on social media. ?If the new employee doesn’t work out, you don’t want to have to go through and delete a bunch of photos on your page. ?So make sure the people you are posting are people that are long term in your office. ?Consistency is important. . .for your brand, and your potential patients (they enjoy seeing familiar faces once in a while). . .

What Does Your Community Really Want

You will really want to make sure that you?re staying in touch with your community. Ask them what they want to see from you and how they want you to show up. You may find that they really want to see who you work with or they want to see a different kind of content from you. When you ask them what they want you will get better results from your marketing.

I personally love running poles on my Instagram stories. ?You can try that. ?But the whole point is that you should make sure to listen to your tribe to see what they want to see. (remember, your account is about them, not you).

So, the best way to make this decision is to just use your best judgment and make sure that you?re sharing things that your audience and potential patients want to see from you. Try sharing some of your team members, and see how your audience responds! If you do this then you?re going to get better results and you won?t have to spend a lot of time guessing what to share and what people want. And always make sure that whatever you’re sharing is something that you’re comfortable with yourself. Now let me ask you, do you share your team on your social media channels? Hop on over to my Instagram page and let me know!

Oh, and as always, I’ve created a cheat sheet just for you! I want you to get organized on how you can share your team on social media. You can download it below!


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