How to repurpose your content on social media

How to repurpose your content on social media


Have you ever thought about how you could repurpose your content? It takes a lot of effort to create content for social media and when you?re on more than one platform, it can seem like a lot of work to keep up with. That?s why to save yourself some stress and a lot of work, you need to know how to properly repurpose your content and your social media posts into other pieces of content that you can use to market your practice.

Sometimes, you need to spend less time creating content, and spend more time promoting the content you have already created. Why? Because your content should do a lot of the work and heavy lifting for you and make it easier for you to get your message out there and attract the right type of patient that belongs in your office. Plus, I know you’re busy! That’s why I’m suggesting you repurpose your content.

But, if you?re only posting your content in one place and using it one time, then you?re doing your content and your marketing efforts a huge disservice. If the idea of repurposing and using your content more than once seems a bit weird or confusing, I wanted to share with you three creative ways you can get started and repurpose your content. ?And yes, you can use your content more than once and for more than one thing.

Before I dive into the three creative ways to repurpose your content on social media, I want to make sure that you know exactly what it means to repurpose your content. Put simply it means to use a single piece of content in more than one way and for more than one thing. This means that you may create the content for one thing and use it to build another piece of content. Makes sense, right?

Okay, now let?s dive into these three creative ways to repurpose your social media posts and content.

1 | Turn Your Post Into An Email

As you get a lot more serious about marketing your practice on social media, email marketing should definitely be added to your overall strategy. You can take your posts, and definitely your best performing post, and send those to your email list in a monthly newsletter. Social media is becoming more and more crowded, and a great way to get in front of your ideal patients in a much less crowded and more focused space, is to send your posts to your email list.

When it comes to using your post for your email list, you want to keep these three things in mind. The first thing is that you should expand on the content for your list as longer content does great, the second thing is that visuals are still important when sending emails, and three it?s okay to repeat things that you think your audience has already heard before.

2 | Turn Your Post Into A Blog Post

If you?re writing a lot of smaller posts for social media then you can take those posts and turn them into more in-depth blog posts. Having a blog, much like having your own email list, is a place that you can share content that is focused on you and your practice. When you take your social media posts and combine them for your blog you?re making the content that you?ve created even more valuable for your ideal patient.

When you put your content on your blog, you are now taking your content and putting it into one place so that your ideal patients can come and digest it all. A great way to start with repurposing your content for your blog is to gather a few of the top tips that you have shared on social media and create an in-depth post for your blog.

3 | Cross-Promote Your Content on Platforms

If you are on multiple different platforms you can take your content and cross promote it. So, this could look like taking your Instagram posts and break them into smaller bite-sized posts and share those on Twitter. Or you can take your Instagram posts and share them on your Facebook page. If one of your topics did well on Instagram, you can turn that piece of content into a video for Instagram TV or youtube. Wherever you hang out on social media, you can easily take your content for one platform and then share it on other platforms.

There you have it, three creative ways to repurpose your social media posts. It doesn?t have to be complicated or add any extra work for you. You can really take it slow and implement different ways to get more mileage out of the content you have already created. The more content that you create the more that you have to work with, and the easier it will be to get your message out there.

By the way, make sure to download my FREE cheat sheet. It’s going to help you plan out your social media posts.


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