Instagram Analytics 101

Instagram Analytics 101


There are tons of different metrics that you can track on Instagram to see how you?re performing and what?s working for your marketing. In fact, it’s really important that you actually track your metrics, and use your Instagram analytics to your benefit. ?If you haven’t been doing so then it’s time to make it a habit! You need to know what’s working, and what’s not if you want to get serious about growing your account. After all, Instagram growth means more potential patients in your office. ?And by growth, I don’t necessary mean growth in numbers– high numbers are great, but not if your audience isn’t engaged. ?Growth with your engagement is one of the most important pieces of this Instagram puzzle. (If you’re one of my Grow With The Gram Insiders, then make sure to go back to Module 3, Lesson 4 where I teach you all about how you can get authentic engagement! And jump into our private facebook group if you have any questions about that).

Now, I know it can be overwhelming if you try to make your way through all of these different Instagram analytics that are available to you. That?s why I wanted to create today?s post and talk about the Instagram analytics that you should really pay attention to so that you know what to focus on. I hope this helps you to really figure out what?s working with your account so that you can do more of that very thing, and take some of the overwhelm away from you (you know I’m always here to help).

Note: All of the analytics can be accessed in your Instagram account. You don?t need another app or tool to help you see these stats. (thanks Instagram!)

So here are the Instagram analytics to pay attention to.


Profile Visits: This stat gives you the number of times your profile is viewed. It?s important to know how many people are actually coming to your profile. Why? Because you want to make sure that the efforts that you?re putting into Instagram are working. Ideally, these numbers should be going up every week and you should be getting more and more people visiting your profile. If this number isn’t growing, it’s a sign that you need to switch up your strategy.?

Tip: One thing you can do is start engaging with new people each day. This will help your account get seen by new people, and increase your profile visits. Make sure to check your Instagram analytics as you implement this to see if what you’re doing is working!

Reach: This stat details the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts. There?s another stat that details how many times your posts have been seen, which is great, but I believe that reach is way more important. Why? You want to make sure that you?re constantly bringing in new people to your community and that more and more new people are finding out who you are and why they should want to follow you. It?s great if your followers are seeing your posts more and more but you want to be bringing new people into your IG world consistently.

If you work on reaching out to new people each day, this will also help you grow your reach! Two birds, one stone!


Feed Posts: This stat shows the amount of engagement each of your posts is getting. It?s a good practice to see which of your posts are performing the best and how people are finding these posts. Why? Because if you know which of your posts are doing the best then you can create more posts like that. And, you want to see where these engagers are coming from so that you can create more content that they want to see from you.

Stories: This stat shows how people are engaging with your stories. Stories are huge on Instagram right now and you should not be ignoring them. If you’re one of my Grow With The Gram Insiders, you know how important this is! If you need a refresher for your strategy, check Module 3, Lesson 3. With this information, you can see which of your stories get the most views and more importantly where people drop off. For example, if you find that after 5 stories people are constantly dropping off, then try to keep the amount of stories you post shorter. Now it’s normal for people to drop off after each story, but if you see a major drop off then you know your limits!


Number of Followers: This stat shows how many new followers you?ve gotten in a specific timeframe, which is great to know. Followers are one way to see if what you?re doing is working on Instagram. Yes, it?s not all about the numbers but you do want to be growing your community.

Followers (Hours/Days): This stat shows the best days and times for you to post. So, you don?t have to guess when you should be posting and what times because you can look at your stats to help you with that.

I know that digging through all of this data can be a bit overwhelming but it?s necessary to make sure that you?re doing everything you can to get the results that you want from Instagram. And, I?m just going to guess that more patients finding out about your practice is your goal. If that?s the case, then you have to go digging through the data to, and find the strategies that will help you reach that goal that you have.

Your instagram analytics are there to help you, so use them to your advantage.

Make sure to download my cheat sheet below to help you track your Instagram analytics!

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