How to Sell on Social Media (storytelling on social media)

If your struggling with how to turn your followers into actual paying customers in your business, then continue reading this blog, or watch the video above because I’m going to give you 1 simple strategy that you can do right now that will help you turn your followers into customers.

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Dr. Yazdan and I’m a cosmetic dentist in Newport beach, CA. I’ve built a following on instagram and facebook that continuously drives a steady flow of patients into my practice each month, and because of the success I have had, I now teach other healthcare professionals how to do the same with their business.  

That Know, Like, & Trust Factor:

In order for your followers to become active customers in your business, you need to get your followers to know you, like you, and trust you. It’s that know, like, and trust factor that ultimately gets people to become an active patient in your office. One of the best ways to do this is by telling stories with your captions! A story can make you relatable, it gets your audience engaged.  Our brains become more active when we tell stories. Remember all of that professional school you went through? How boring was it sitting in a lecture hall and being lectured with a power point presentation? It was hard to be engaged. But, if those professors took the time to tell a story, then you would have immediately become more engaged. Stories are effective on social media. Think about it, when you post, you’ve got a lot of barriers between you and the person reading that screen! You’ve got to get your reader to feel connected to you.

The best way to do this IS by stories.  It’s not enough for you to sit on your social media platform and post things like, “discount on botox this week, call our office to schedule… $100 on teeth whitening this week, call us to schedule…. $200 off your next laser treatment for all new patients… call us to schedule.” That may be easy…but it’s not effective.

If you take a step back, and instead, connect with your audience, they will be calling your office without you even asking them to!

Since social media is a place to be social, people are always wanting to have authentic connections with other people. The goal of your stories should be to get your audience to feel something. Emotion is the thing that will drive them into your office. When you can get them to feel something, you have got them hooked.  And one of the best ways to get your audience to feel something, is by way of storytelling. Storytelling on social media can be one of the most effective selling strategies you ever use to market your business. 

Storytelling on social media helps to create engagement on your posts, it helps your posts get seen–your followers will be more likely to read your captions, and it helps people feel more connected to you. Storytelling on social media is a strategy you must use. Not for every post, but at least every few posts!

Effective Storytelling on Social Media:

So let’s get into some elements of effective storytelling on social media.  An effective story is personal and relatable, and it has a clear goal that is tailored to your ideal patient.

Imagine you’re a dermatologist and you just completed a laser treatment for a patient who is in for her post op. you take a photo of your patient in the chair looking at the mirror. Now it’s time to craft the caption: let’s take a simple caption and turn it into a story for an example.

Caption: completing today’s post op for my newest laser

Now… that’s not that exciting is it? If I saw that on my feed, I’d probably scroll right past it.

But, if instead, the caption read something like this (if you were basically storytelling on social media) it would be much more enticing. “My beautiful patient came to me complaining of acne and acne scars. For the past 3 months she’s been hiding in her home, afraid to leave because she is uncomfortable with the way her skin looks. Before coming here she said she tried every cream and product on the market, but as each day passed she felt more and more hopeless, and more and more depressed.  She finally decided to come into my office and I did a series of laser treatments for her that stopped the occurrence of new acne, and helped heal her scars. Now, as she sits in my chair with tears of happiness in her eyes, I’m reminded of why I chose this career. Making a difference like this in someone’s life is extremely fulfilling to me. She’s so happy with her treatment, and although she things I changed her life, the truth is… she has changed mine.”

Now THAT is a story that will get a potential patient to notice your work.

Storytelling on Social Media doesn’t have to be hard:

So here’s what you should think of when you’re creating your stories for your storytelling on social media strategy. Imagine yourself at a campfire.  And create your content as if you were actually sitting at a campfire. If you were to talk strictly about your business, what you offer, and what you do and who you are, you would get kicked out. But if you are able to connect with people emotionally, through a story, that’s when you start grabbing people’s attention!

So to make this actionable for you, I want you to pick out your next 3 post topics, and create stories around them. Do the work, and make it real (my grow with the gram insiders really know about that line!) if you’re not one of my insiders, what I mean by that is you need to carve out some time to do the work, so that you can reap the benefits of it!

Now my free gift for you… I’ve worked hard to create a worksheet that will help you map out your captions that will get you attention.  It will help you map out what you are promoting and how you want your audience to feel. You can download this worksheet by clicking on the link below. Make sure to download it, do the work, and make it real! Your business will thank you for it!


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