How To Repurpose Your Content On Social Media

How To Repurpose Your Content On Social Media


Ok… So you?ve done the hard work of creating a lot of content for your social media platforms and now you want to branch out, but you don?t have a lot of time to create more content. Does that sound like where you are right now with marketing and growing your practice online? Do I hear a yes??? Then today, this post is exactly what you need!

I?m not a fan of working harder than I already have to. We have to work hard to grow our practice and keep things running and when it comes to areas of our business that we can get a little help, I?m all for taking it. That?s why I wanted to shed some light on how you can take the content that you?ve already created on social media, and repurpose that content for other marketing strategies in your business.

Here are five great ways that you can get started with repurposing your content on social media:

Blog Post: I?m sure that the content you?re sharing on social media is something that you can expand on and share even more information about. So, why not create a blog post that goes into more detail using your social media post as your outline? Determine which of your posts gets the most engagement and questions and then create a longer blog post that?s more in depth and share it with your audience.

Infographic: Take the content that you?ve shared in a social media post and turn it into an infographic. If you find yourself sharing stats a lot in your content then this is going to be great for you. You can use something like Canva to create an infographic that shares your information and then you can share that on your most commonly used social media platform, or a new social media platform.

Free Content Series: Do you have a set of social media posts that are related to the same topic? If you?ve been talking about something you?re passionate about and have a few social media posts that could all tie together to create a series of content, why not create a free content series that you can put on your website for people to get access too? Take the content, expand on it a bit to make it all make more sense when tied together, and then put it behind an opt-in on your website.

Email Marketing: Pull ideas from the social media content that you’ve already created and expand on those and turn them into email marketing pieces that you can send to existing patients. You should make sure that you are staying in touch with the email list you are building for your practice, and what a better way to do it? Use the content that?s already working for you on social media. . .genius, right?

Other Social Media Channels: One thing that I don?t think we think about a lot is taking our social media content on one platform and using it for another. If you have a really good post that you?ve shared on Instagram, how can you break it up and share it as tweets on Twitter? What about Facebook? Could you create a different image and share on your company?s Facebook page? You can take your content and refresh it so that it makes sense for the platform that you?re sharing it on and repurpose it.

I hope that you see that creating content for your social media and then repurposing it can be pretty simple and just requires a little bit more time. It?s a lot better than always starting from scratch when you need to create content to market your practice. Another great benefit to repurposing your content is that you make sure that your message is consistent across all of your marketing channels. So, it?s really a win-win!

AS ALWAYS, I’ve created a free worksheet to help you get this done! ?You can download it by clicking here so you can start taking action right away!

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