How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically


I created this video to help you gain followers organically through instagram! The types of followers that will actually grow your business!

Want to learn how to get followers on Instagram for your business, the right type of followers that will help you grow your business? My name is Dr. Desiree Yazdan and I’m a cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, California. I have used Instagram to grow my business and I?ve helped other health care professionals do the same. I’m going to teach you how to do the same as well. Before I get into all the tips, please make sure to let me know if you like this video by subscribing to my channel and hitting the thumbs up and making sure to hit the bell to be notified whenever I post a new video. This is the only way I will know if you’re actually liking this type of content and if you want more videos like this one. If you like it, I will make sure to make more videos just like this.

If you’re struggling to grow your business through Instagram, there are a few tweaks that you can to make in order to get your business booming with new patients from Instagram or any social media platform for that matter. I’m going to teach you the four things that you could do right now in order to get the right type of follower that will actually become an active patient into your office and help you grow your business. I did this for my business. I?ve helped other health care professionals do the same for their business. Now, I’m going to teach you how to do it for your own business.

Step number one is going to be to have a good photo. Instagram is a very visual platform, so you want to make sure that you have a good photo. Your photo will stop your audience from scrolling, so they can engage with your caption. Now, a good photo doesn’t mean that you have to hire a professional photographer and take all your photos and edit all your photos. It just means that you have to have an eye-catching photo. Try to focus on taking a photo in natural light. It’s the best way to have good lighting, so that you can have a photo that actually stands out.

Step number two will be for you to engage with your audience, so you can actually get them to engage back with you. When you get people to engage with your account, you have a higher likelihood of attracting more followers and a higher chance of transitioning someone from being a follower to an active patient in your office. Remember, social media platforms such as Instagram are all about the one-to-one connection. People are on social media to be social, so to get people to be interested in your content, you’re going to have to go first. You’re going to have to engage with them, so that they can engage back with you. Now, I want you to comment with the word yes below, if you’ve been starting conversations and getting people to engage with your page. If you haven’t been doing this yet, then comment below with the word no.

Step number three is going to be for you to know what your posting strategy is going to be. Let me ask you a question, what are you going to be posting on Instagram that will attract your ideal patient? Just because you think something is interesting, doesn’t mean that it resonates with your audience. You need to be targeted with your posts. Whenever you’re going to post and create content, I want you to think what is your ideal patient going to be interested in and that’s the thing that I want you to post.

Step number four is and this is one of my favorites, I want you to remember that it’s not about a number, it’s not about being popular, it’s about being profitable. You can have 20,000 followers that are unengaged with your account, but if you have 200 followers that are completely engaged with your account and are eating up everything you post and excited to see each move you make, you’re going to be more profitable. Focus on getting those engaged followers. Don’t focus on getting high numbers.

That was fast. Now, you have the four steps that you could apply right away in order to grow your business using Instagram or any social media platform that your little heart desires. If you’re still struggling with what to write about and what to say on Instagram to get those conversations growing, then I have created an Instagram Guide for Health Care Professionals that you could download here. It has 30 captions and a daily Instagram strategy to help you grow your business using Instagram. It’s really going to save you time and help you stay consistent on Instagram or any social media platform that you choose to use. The link to download my freebie is in the description below. If you like this video, then please make sure to like it, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell, so you’re notified whenever I post new content. Make sure to share it with your fellow health care professionals. Also, go ahead and comment with the word helpful if you found this video helpful for you. I’ll see you in the next video.

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