How to get engagement on Instagram posts

How to get engagement on Instagram posts

Have you ever wondered how to get engagement on Instagram? In this video/blog, I give you the Instagram tips for 2019 that will teach you how to boost an Instagram post for authentic engagement. Also, make sure to stay tuned for my free gift. I’m Dr. Yazdan, a cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, California. And I help healthcare professionals build their businesses by branding themselves on social media and turning their passions into profits. As a cosmetic dentist, I have successfully grown a large social media presence that has exponentially increased my practice. And so for the best social media marketing strategy advice on how you can use social media to grow your business just like I have, make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so that you never miss out on the latest social media tips and tricks to turn your passions into profits.

So we all want engagement on Instagram. We all are creating content and want to be seen. But it’s hard to know how we can grow our engagement. If you’re one of my Grow With The Gram insiders, I have an entire lesson on this in the program. So make sure that you go back to that lesson and hop into the private Facebook group if you get stuck. Here’s the thing, engagement on Instagram is one of the most important things to having an account that can help grow you business. If people aren’t engaging with you, then you won’t really be seen. Your account won’t really grow and you likely won’t be getting any patients from the platform.

If you didn’t already know this, Instagram shows more of your content to those people who follow you as well as those who don’t based on how others are already engaging with your content. So what that means is that when you post, if somebody comments on your picture, or likes your picture, saves your picture, sends you a DM, or in some way engages with your account, the next time they sign on to the platform, it’s likely that they will see your post again. Engagement is one of the best ways for you to get seen on the platform.

So now the big question becomes how do you increase your Instagram engagement rate? Well, let’s talk about three easy Instagram growth hacks that I use every day to boost my Instagram engagement.

Growth Tip #1:?engagement on Instagram

So Instagram growth hack number one is gonna be to ask questions. People love responding to questions because it gives them a chance to connect. People also love giving their opinion. They love to be able to give you input no matter how big or small on a topic you’re mutually interested in. So allow them to do that. In your content, ask questions and invite people to give you feedback. Your questions don’t have to be very in depth or require long answers. Keep them simple. Remember, you just want people to engage with you and to share a quick thought. You don’t have to give them an entire prompt to share their life story with you. Instagram makes this so easy to do. Especially when you are using Instagram stories, which you definitely should be doing. I’m actually going to have a whole ‘nother video on Instagram stories. So stay tuned for that one. Inside of the Instagram stories, they actually have a questions feature that you can put into your story. And they have polls that you can use to get people engaged. Use these features to help you get your followers engaged with you.

Growth Tip 2:?engagement on Instagram

Instagram growth hack number two is to tell a story with your captions. Everybody loves a good story. Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram just planning to look at pictures and double tap a few. But before you know it, you’ve been reading the same post for a few minutes. This happens to me all the time. So we all love a good story. When you share a story in your caption, you’re able to draw people in. So your audience will be more likely to give their feedback or support on your story. They will definitely be more engaged with what you have to say. And if you end your story with a question, this will help to even further your Instagram engagement. I want you to try this and then come back to this video and tell me your results. Now, comment below with the word yes if you’re going to tell a story with your next Instagram question.

Growth Tip 3:?engagement on Instagram

Instagram growth hack number three is to use the right hashtags. Okay. So I’ve got an entire video on how you can properly use hashtags. And I’ve linked it in the description below this video. And also, if you are in my program, Grow With The Gram, there’s an entire lesson on this. So make sure that you go back to it. That lesson goes into so much detail. Make sure you do everything I say in that lesson and you will be good to go. And if you get stuck, you can always hop into the private Facebook group where we will all be there to help you. If you’re not in my program, then listen up. Come back to me. If you got busy doing something else, I want you to come back to me in this part of the video because this is still going to be really helpful for you.

So hashtags are really big on Instagram. And they can help you increase your engagement if you’re using them the right way. You want to make sure that you’re using hashtags that relate to the things that your ideal patients are searching for if you really want to boost your Instagram engagement. For example, if you’re a dentist, just like me, and you’re using the hashtag dentist, it won’t get you that much engagement because so many people use that hashtag. But if you use something like dentist in atlanta or something more specific than just plain dentist you have a better chance of getting in front of the right people who want to see your content.

Now you know exactly what you need to be doing to increase your engagement on Instagram. I want you to use these steps and start taking action right away. Also, down below, I have a link to download my free Instagram guide for healthcare professionals. It’s basically 30 captions that you can use to copy and paste when you’re tired. Or you can use them as templates when you’re feeling creative but you need a little help creating your content. I also include a daily Instagram strategy that you should be using if you want to grow on the platform. So make sure to download that guide. If you like this video/blog, please let me know, subscribe and share it with your fellow healthcare professionals, and comment below with the word engagement if this video has helped you. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see you in the next video/blog.

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