Healthy Habits: That work/life balancing act + social media

When you’re trying to grow a business, the overwhelm is real. Your day to day life becomes consumed with how to build your brand and your business, how to get new patients into your door, etc, and for a period of time it takes over your personal life too.  You put the pedal to the metal and you go go go go until you can’t go anymore. I’ve been there. Until I realized how detrimental it was to me, my personal life, and even my business. Since this realization, I’ve created healthier habits that have changed my life, and my business.

If you’re new to my videos and my blog, my name is Dr. Yazdan and I’m a cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, Ca. I’ve grown a large following on social media and have converted many of those followers into actual patients, which has tremendously impacted my business. In addition to running a dental practice, I help healthcare professionals market themselves on social media and turn their followers into patients too.

So like I mentioned earlier, I want to talk to you about my healthy habits that have transformed my life and my business. But first, let’s take a few steps back in my journey. A few years ago I found myself trying to figure out how to grow my business and get new patients into my door. I didn’t have much money to market my practice, so I turned to social media because it was free. This sounds lovely, but what ended up happening is that I would work all day, then I’d attend a ton of networking events, only to find myself getting home at 9 or 10pm and jumping onto Instagram and facebook until 1 or 2am. This started happening almost every single night… and on weekends.  I was constantly trying to find ways to use Instagram and Facebook to grow my business. I found myself overwhelmed with the work I had to do in my office, trying to grow my business, and how littler I was paying attention to myself. As a result, I rarely slept, I was extremely unhappy, and I had a hard time figuring out how to actually grow my business. I Also probably got a few extra white hairs and wrinkles from this. I loved being a dentist and I loved what I Was doing and I needed to make it work, but no matter what Iw as doing nothing was working. My business wasn’t growing and I was always stressed out, and my career started to become more of a burden to me.

The overwhelm was so bad that I finally got up one morning and cried as I got ready for work thinking there had to be more life than this. I t was that I day I made the change. I started listening to myself and decided to put myself first.

What did this mean? Well, as a dentist, I’m constantly giving myself to my patients. giving my attention, my time, my energy, my skills.  I wasn’t giving anything back to myself. I was like a car running on an empty gas tank and needing and oil change for months at a time.  Everything was breaking down and the machine that was supposed to take me from point A to point B (me) wasn’t moving because I needed fuel.

So how did I put myself first? Well, I started working backwards. I thought about what I want din my life. I knew I wanted to travel. I wanted time off to spend with my family. I wanted to stop working 14 hour days. I wanted to stop getting off work 2-3 hours later than expected. I wanted to be able to spend time with my family. So I started writing down a schedule. On Fridays I would run errands, I scheduled 2 weeks each year where I would take vacation. I needed to be done wirth work by 5pm each day to be able to get in a workout and get home to make dinner for my husband. I needed the weekends to spend time with my family and friends. I started to put this all into my scheduled, and then after that, I added in my work hours. I put myself first, and my work second.

Now with that said, my work doesn’t come second in my work life. When I’m at work, I’m 150% there and dedicated to my business and my patients.  But I learned how to create a healthy balance so that when I’m not in my office, I can be 150% dedicated to myself or the people I’m with.

This habit I created of putting myself first fueled me. It filled that gas tank. It took a while to get used to but once Io set my boundaries, my “me” time became non-negotiable.  And I Realized that when I gave back to myself and when I gave my brain time to think, incredible things started happening in my business. The fuel it gave me took me from point A to point B much faster than I thought it would. All of a sudden I realized how to operate my business.  All of a sudden I Realized how I can use social media for my business. All of a sudden everything became so clear. Because I had fueled myself, I gave myself time to relax and my brain time to think and I gave myself the time to actually enjoy my life. . I also found myself giving more of myself to my patents and my business when I Was there.  And I found myself really enjoying my life and loving everything about it. The healthy habit of finding balance transformed my life, and as a result, my business too.

So here’s my advice to you if you’re feeling the overwhelm… Get out a calendar and do the same thing I did.  Write down what you want in your life, write down what’s important to you. Write down your personal goals and business goals. And then add times into your calendar that are just designated to you first.  And then I want you to schedule in your work. I want you to write down your non-negotiable and work to set those boundaries.

I hope this video inspired you to make a difference in your life. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not to be stressed and concerned all the time.

Another thing that’s really going to help you with the overwhelm is the get organized. I’ve found that whenever I’m organized and I don’t have to think so much and give so much attention to things that I can combat the overwhelm really easily. So I want to help you organize your social media content so that you don’t have to worry about it and so you can stay consistent. I’ve created a guide to help you organize your content. You can download it below!

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