How to be consistent on Instagram when you don’t have time

How to be consistent on Instagram when you don’t have time

As a healthcare provider who is trying to grow a practice, actually run a practice, take care of your family, and have a life. . . I know it?s a lot to handle and that your time is limited. There is always something that needs to get done and something that needs your attention. So when it comes to social media, many people put it on the back burner… with an “I’ll do it when I can” type of mentality. It’s almost like a little box that you check off of your to-do list from time to time.

But, if you really want to grow your business, and you know social media is the way to do it (because it REALLY does work) you need to figure out how to be consistent on Instagram when it comes to your marketing and business efforts, otherwise you’ll find that you?re not getting the results that you want.

As always, I’m here to help. And I created this blog because I want to talk about how to be more consistent on Instagram so that you see the results from all of your marketing efforts. ?I no longer want this to be on the back burner for you. I’m such an advocate of using social media for your business, and instead of putting in on your to-do list, I want it to move up to your non-negotiable list. ?In order for this to happen, you need to get ahead of the game!?I talk a lot about Instagram but I felt like it was time to talk about the importance of actually being consistent on Instagram, since I haven’t gone into too much detail about that yet. Unless you’re one of my Grow With The Gram Insiders, this is a topic that I haven’t really covered. But, it’s an important one! It really is one key factor to seeing success on Instagram.

You have to be consistent with a few different areas that contribute to your Instagram marketing success. The areas that you have to focus on being consistent with on Instagram include:

being consistent on Instagram with your posting dates and times,

being consistent on Instagram with your images and style,

and being consistent on Instagram with your messaging and content.

Now that you know the areas that you need to be consistent with when it comes to Instagram, I want to share some tips on how to actually be consistent with each of these areas. Let?s dive into those below.

Being Consistent With Your Posting Dates And Times

The first area that you want to be consistent with is the dates and times that you?re posting. Why? Because you want your followers to know when they can expect to hear from you. As you grow more and more on Instagram, you?ll have an audience built. And your audience will want to know when they can come and see your content.

The best way to be consistent with your posting dates and times is to first check your analytics on Instagram to see which dates and times work best for you. Then, you need to create a posting schedule and determine how often you?re going to be posting. Once you have that figured out, set a date each week that you will sit down and batch create your content so that you don?t miss a date because you don?t have your content created for you to share.

Being Consistent With Your Images And Style

The second area that you want to be consistent with is the images that you use and your editing style. Instagram is a visual platform and you want to make sure that you?re being consistent with the images that you upload and share on the platform. The best way to handle this is to batch shoot your photos just as you would batch create your content. Whether you?re doing this with a photographer or with your phone, this can work.

Plan out the images that you want to go with the content that you?ve created, or will create, and then set a date and time in your calendar to shoot all of the content that you need. I find that this works really well if you?re going to shoot for a few weeks or a month, so I would encourage you to at least have your topics planned out as far as you can. If you’re inside my program, then make sure to check out the bonus of how to create 1 month of content in just 1 day. ?It really is the best way to get things done, and this way you won’t have any excuses to miss posting.

Being Consistent With Your Messaging And Content

The final area that you want to be consistent with is your messaging and your content. You want to make sure that your content sounds like you and it?s in a way, predictable. Your images will capture the attention of people scrolling through Instagram but your message and your content will be what makes them want to stop and pay attention to what you?re saying. So, you want to make sure that you?re talking about similar topics and using similar verbiage throughout all of your different posts on Instagram.

I’m hoping to see you be more consistent with your marketing efforts. ?To help you jump start this process, I want you to download my free guide below. ?It will help you plan out your weekly content.

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