How To Boost Your Instagram Engagement With Your Ideal Patients

How To Boost Your Instagram Engagement With Your Ideal Patients

Ahh, the million dollar question. . .how do you boost your Instagram engagement, the one thing that we all want to know about when it comes to Instagram. If you?ve spent any amount of time trying to figure out what works with social media, especially with Instagram, you?ve probably seen a ton of articles about how to boost your Instagram engagement. Everyone wants to increase their engagement and get their followers to engage with them more. And this information is out there for good reason.

Engagement on Instagram is so important to getting the results that you want from all of the time and effort that you?re putting into growing your practice using the platform. If you’re one of my Grow With The Gram Insiders, I have an entire lesson on this in the program, so make sure to go back to it! If you don?t have engagement on your posts and stories on Instagram, you won?t see the results that you want. If you didn’t already know this, Instagram shows more of your content to those who follow you as well as those who don?t based on how others are already engaging with your content. So what that means is when you post, if somebody comments on your picture, likes your picture, saves your picture, sends you a DM, or in some way engages with your account, the next time they sign onto the platform, it’s like they will see your posts again. Engagement is one of the best ways for you to get seen on the platform.

Now you see why it’s important to boost your Instagram engagement on your posts and your stories, right? This is why so many people talk about this topic… because it?s THAT important. Without engagement on your content on Instagram you?re really wasting your time. If people aren?t engaging with you then you won?t really be seen, your account won’t really grow, and you likely won’t be getting any patients from the platform. So, let?s talk about my three favorite ways to boost Instagram engagement.

Ask Questions

People love to get their opinion on just about everything. They love to be able to give you input no matter how big or small on a topic that you?re mutually interested in. So, allow them to do that. In your content ask questions and invite people to give you feedback. Your questions don?t have to be very in-depth or require long answers, keep them simple. Remember you just want people to engage with you and share a quick thought. You don?t have to give them an entire prompt to share their life story with you.

Tell A Story

Who doesn?t love a good story, right? Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram just planning to look at pictures and double tap a few? But, before you know it, you?ve been reading the same post for a couple of minutes? Yes? I know that I?m not alone! When you share a story and really draw people in, they?re more likely to want to give their feedback or support on your story. And, if you end it with a question or a prompt, this helps to even further boost your Instagram engagement.

Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are really big on Instagram and can help you to increase your engagement if you?re using them the right way. You want to make sure that you?re using hashtags that relate to the things that your ideal patients are searching for if you really want to boost your Instagram engagement. For example, if you’re a dentist and you’re using the hashtag #dentist, it won?t get you that much engagement because so many people use that hashtag. But, if you use something like #dentistinatlanta or something more specific, you have a better chance of getting in front of the right people who you want to see your content. (Grow With The Gram Insiders–there’s an entire lesson on this topic for you too. . .make sure you don’t skip it! It’s in Module 3)

I hope that these tips help you with increasing your engagement on Instagram. It doesn’t have to be complicated or a lot of work to boost your engagement. You just need to be more strategic with the ways that you?re increasing your engagement on the platform.

Make sure to download the FREE cheat sheet below. It will help you analyze your Instagram metrics so that you can see what’s working for your account, where you’re lacking on engagement, and use these metrics to your advantage to grow you account.

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