5 Image Ideas For Healthcare Professionals To Use For Social Media

5 Image Ideas For Healthcare Professionals To Use For Social Media

Coming up with content for Instagram, or your other social media platforms, is one thing and then having to come up with images that you can use is a whole other project. ?I find that many healthcare providers struggle with what images they should be using for their posts, and it drives them crazy. If this sounds like you, then this blog is definitely for you. I wanted to give you a few, five to be exact, different image ideas for giving people the visuals they need to stop scrolling and read what you have to say. ?Remember, social media (especially Instagram), is a conversation. ?The photo grabs the attention, and the caption does the rest. ?But, we’ve got to get you to that first step. . .the photo that grabs the attention!

One thing that I think I should point out is that images and visuals are more than just pictures. You can do text, quotes, and even videos. Don?t limit yourself to only posting pictures, and definitely have fun with exploring what kind of visuals you like to create. Also, you have to see what kind of visuals your audience likes to see. Why? Because they are the ones that will determine how successful Instagram will be for marketing your practice. ?Your feed is about your tribe, it’s not about you. ?So figure out what they want to see! (To get help figuring out who your ideal audience is, and what kind of content to create, read this blog)

Alright, let?s dive into the list of image ideas for Instagram.

  1. Your Equipment:

    People want to know about the equipment you use in your office to help your patients. This allows them to see what you use, how you use it, and lets them into your world. ?It’s also your chance to stand out from the crowd. ?When you explain why you use a specific piece of equipment, or a special instrument, you begin to position yourself as an expert. ?It shows confidence, and that you know what you are doing! ?When your tribe learns from you, they begin to trust you. ?When they trust you, they have more of a potential of becoming your patient!

  2. Patient Photos/Videos:

    Your audience wants to see that other people are actually visiting your office and getting results from working with you. More importantly, they want to see what the process will look like for them. Showing photos and videos of when you?re working with patients shows people what they can expect when they work with you and gives them a glimpse into seeing people who are just like them get the results that they want. When they can relate to your patients and their stories you?ll have a better chance of converting those followers into an actual patient.

  3. Team Photos/Videos:

    As much as people want to know who you are and your patients, they want to know the team that is behind you too. Your patients will spend a majority of their time in your office interacting and working with your team. Showing your team and videos of them working with patients is another great way to take your audience behind the scenes and show them how your office operates and how they fit into that picture of working with you.

  4. Lifestyle Photos/Videos of You:

    Who are you outside of work? Your audience wants to know that. Here?s the thing, people are nosey. They want to know if you have pets, how many kids you have, and where you love to eat. They want to get to know you. That?s how you build those lifelong and generational relationships with your patients that make them come back more and more to see you. Don?t be afraid to get personal and share things that you enjoy doing outside of work. Of course you get to decide how much and what you share but don?t be afraid of letting your audience in, your business will thank you for it.

  5. Work Photos/Videos of You:

    Getting pictures of you around your office, working with patients, and in your natural work environment is probably one of the easiest pieces of visual content that you can create. You spend the majority of your time at work so it?s easy to make sure that you get pictures and videos of you working. Just as with the other types of visuals, people want to know what it?s like to work with you, what it looks like, and what they can expect from you.


See… finding the right photo to post doesn?t have to be complicated. You don?t need a fancy camera or anything like that to get great pictures and videos. Simply using your phone to get you started will do. ?I like the motto of starting simple and getting fancy later! Then, when you?re ready to, you can upgrade your camera, work with a photographer, and all of that good stuff. Make sure to download my cheat sheet below. ?I’ve hand picked a few of my favorite photo and video editing apps that will make your social media visuals look like they were done professionally! Enjoy!?


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