2 HUGE Things Healthcare Providers Need To Start Doing More of On Instagram To Get More Patients

2 HUGE Things Healthcare Providers Need To Start Doing More of On Instagram To Get More Patients

Let’s be real… people use social media for everything these days. ?To book their travels, to find restaurants, and so much more. ?I personally use social media for everything! This means that if you are a business owner, you better be using social media to market your business and to get more business! As a healthcare professional, your primary goal when it comes to using social media for your business should be to get more patients into your business. While social media can be fun to scroll, you should be using it wisely, and you shouldn’t just be using it to entertain yourself. I have found that many healthcare professionals aren’t using the platforms how they should be.?

You see, when you start to use social media, specifically Instagram, with intention, you will find that you can really start to see results from all of the hard work that you?re putting into the platform. Today, I want to talk about 2 really big things that healthcare providers need to start doing more of on Instagram, and social media in general, to get more patients.

#1: Being More Consistent

Posting when you feel like it or when you have something to say will not get you the results that you want from marketing your business on Instagram. Instagram is all about consistency. Whatever strategy you decide to go with when it comes to growing your Instagram following, visibility, and reach, it needs to include something that you?re 100% sure you can be consistent doing.

This is why I preach about planning out your content and visuals so that you?re able to stay consistent and be strategic with your posts, instead of posting because you feel obligated and haven?t shared anything in over a week. When you take the time to plan, you can post when your audience is the most engaged and when you?re most likely to get people to see your posts rather than just posting to be posting, which we know doesn’t works. ?If you’re in my program, Grow With The Gram, then there’s an entire module on how you can stay consistent. ?Make sure to go back to module 4 and go through each lesson if you’re stuck.?

If you’re not in my Grow With The Gram program, you can watch this video on how to be more consistent.

Social media shouldn’t be a box that you check off of a to-do list. ?You should have an actual social media strategy that will help you grow your platform and your business.

Now, what I want for you to do is to create a schedule for your Instagram content. Choose the dates, times, types of content, and visuals you?re going to post on Instagram. Creating this schedule takes a lot of the guesswork out of it for you and you can easily fill in the missing pieces. Once you?ve outlined all of this, put it on your calendar. Treat your marketing strategy and engagement times like you would with any other networking event or appointment. When you do this, it becomes real and you?re a lot more likely to do the work.

#2: Do More Than Promoting Your Services

Please, and I mean a HUGE please here, don?t be the account that only shows pictures of your work and only pitches to come in for your latest special. We all see these kinds of accounts on Instagram and it feels slimy and salesly and no one likes those kinds of accounts. I obviously don?t know what?s going on in the backend of these businesses but I would guess that they?re not getting any results from their social media marketing efforts.

Instead, treat your account like you?re…well… a human! Your potential patients are human and don?t want to feel like they?re coming to a huge billboard trying to sell them when they find your account on Instagram. You want people to feel like they?re walking into your office and being welcomed with open arms. You want them to feel as though you?re someone they should and want to know more about. The way to do this is by sharing more on social media rather than your monthly special. ?Once you get this level of trust with them, they?ll seek out to know more about what you can do for them. This makes sense, right?

So, it?s not that complicated but these play a huge part in getting more patients from Instagram, and other social media platforms. These are the two biggest things that I see healthcare providers struggling with on Instagram and it?s sad because it?s stopping them (and you) from getting the results that you really want to have from Instagram and getting more patients coming in. I truly don?t want to see you wasting any more time on social media and it not getting you results. Fixing these two things will create a drastic change in your Instagram marketing and the results you get from social media.

As always, I’ve created a free download for you. ?this one is a daily Instagram Checklist. ?You’ll want to download it to make sure you’re organizing yourself when you hop onto the platform, and so that you’re actually efficient with your Instagram marketing efforts. ?Download the PDF, fill it out, and then find me on Instagram and let me know how you’re doing with your social media marketing efforts!

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