ZOOM! Whitening in Newport Beach: Smile Brighter in One Day

When people ask Dr. Yazdan about affordable smile makeover options, there’s a straightforward service that can make a huge difference in the least amount of time: laser whitening (also called “same day whitening” or “in-house whitening”).

What is Laser Whitening?

Our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist office uses ZOOM! Whitening. This system uses a professional grade gel that’s brushed directly on your tooth and works faster than other types of bleaching gels. ZOOM! Uses a “laser whitening” process where a bright light is applied to the gel, activating it. As a result, the stain particles oxidize more quickly than what an at-home teeth whitening system uses.

The best part? Laser whitening gives you immediate results. You’ll walk out with drastically whiter teeth that are several shades brighter than they were before the appointment. It gives you the same results that you would see in about one week of a professional teeth whitening kit.

Teeth Whitening Guidelines

Just like other types of teeth whitening, ZOOM! Whitening is only designed for healthy teeth. If you have cavities, gum disease, or other underlying oral health issues, Dr. Yazdan will have to create an interim plan to treat those before your whitening appointment.

Additionally, if you have any white restorations (like fillings or crowns) in your “smile zone”, those will need to be changed out after you use ZOOM! Since porcelains and composite materials don’t brighten when they’re exposed to teeth whitening solutions, they won’t match the lighter-colored teeth next to them. Having them updated as part of your whitening experience will give you the brightest results.

What to Expect During Teeth Whitening

It’s time to sit back and relax. Your ZOOM! Whitening appointment will take anywhere from 60-90 minutes, depending on the level of your tooth stain and how your smile responds to treatment.

First, we’ll place a thin protective layer across your gums to isolate your teeth, so that no solutions flow onto your delicate gum tissues. Next, the teeth whitening gel is applied in an even coat across your teeth. Then, we position the bright light over your smile and allow it to work its “magic” for several minutes. We’ll rinse away the gel and re-apply it as needed. Each round of application takes about 15 minutes. That’s why the average session length can vary from one person to the next. Much of it just depends on how well your teeth respond to the first few applications and how much stain you had to begin with.

You may still want to consider in investing in a take-home teeth whitening tray, which will allow you to touch up your smile as needed. If you drink dark liquids (such as coffee or tea) and are prone to stain buildup, having some type of a maintenance plan in place with your regular dental cleanings can help you keep your teeth whiter, longer.

Same-Day Whitening vs. Take-Home Systems

The biggest difference between a take-home teeth whitening system and an in-house laser whitening treatment is the length of time required and the way it’s applied.

With a take-home kit, you wear a set of trays for an hour a day for 10-14 days. The whitening is more gradual. At times, some parts of certain teeth may whiten quicker than others, gradually evening out over several applications.

On the other hand, laser whitening is completed in just one session. It basically “jump starts” and completes the majority of the whitening process. However, some people do choose to wear whitening trays for a few days afterward, to “top off” their results.

When you want white teeth as fast as possible, our Newport Beach laser whitening option is the best course of treatment. It’s the perfect last-minute way to look your best for a job interview, blind date, or important first impression. That way you can smile with confidence, knowing your teeth look their absolute best.

An Affordable Way to Enhance Your Smile

If you’re dreaming of a smile makeover but are hesitant to get dental veneers, bonding, or even Invisalign, investing in teeth whitening is a simple way to take things to the next level. For one flat fee, you can dramatically brighten your entire smile. There aren’t multiple visits or procedures and there’s no numbing. You’re in and out in just one day.

ZOOM! Teeth whitening is a safe and predictable option for our Newport Beach cosmetic patients who may want a smile makeover but aren’t sure about irreversible or lengthier treatments. It’s safe and effective, allowing you to look your best without any surprise expenses.

A brighter smile is just one phone call or click away. Contact The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule a laser whitening consultation with Dr. Yazdan. If you qualify, we can get you scheduled right away.

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