Your New Year?s Dental Resolutions

Your New Year?s Dental Resolutions

Eat healthier, exercise more, spend less money – what do these things have in common? They?re some of the top commitments that people make to themselves at the start of a new year. ?I love walking into the gym on Jan 2nd. . .it’s packed. . .and by the middle of February, most of those people are GONE! Don’t let this be you– don’t break your new years resolution!

The infamous new year?s resolution. ?So what will yours be?? Perhaps your dental care is lacking. ?Maybe it’s time to make a New Year’s Dental Resolution. In fact, I encourage you to add a dental resolution onto your list of resolutions! The fact is, most people could take better care of their teeth.? So why not make it a new year?s resolution? There are many things you can (or can stop doing) to help maintain a healthier mouth.

After all, your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. A healthier smile reflects a healthier overall lifestyle.

Brush After Meals

Just be honest with yourself, do you brush after every meal? No, of course not. It?s inconvenient and it takes time that could be used to do other things. If we?re talking about commitments though, you?ll need to make an effort to begin to brush more often.? Start by setting yourself up to be able to brush your teeth after lunch.

Keep a toothbrush handy.? Your purse, locker, briefcase, or your desk are all good places for you to stash some dental products. If you?re in the car to and from lunch, you can brush your teeth while driving (or riding).? Obviously, it?s better with toothpaste but for the sake of preventing a mess, a simple scrub with a toothbrush should do fine in this case.

If you?re standing around the break room waiting for the right time to clock back into work, you can slip into the bathroom to brush leftover food off your teeth. Your co-workers won?t mind.? In fact, someone might decide to do the same. Aren?t you the trend setter?! A New Year’s resolution is always easier when you have someone to do them with.

If you think you?ll forget to brush after lunch, set a reminder on your phone, or leave yourself a sticky note where you?ll see it.

Floss Daily

Did this one make you chuckle a bit? It?s important to know that there are a lot of food particles that harbor between our teeth.? Most toothbrushes aren?t capable of removing all of it.? If not removed, they will cause decay and gum disease, which is why flossing is so important.

Floss picks are convenient and can be used while you?re on the go or even sitting at your desk checking your email.

If you can?t stand flossing for whatever reason, investing in a water or air flosser can help.? This device shoots a blast of air or water between your teeth, removing plaque.? You?ll only want to use it at home though.? They can be a bit messy at times.

Drink Fewer Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are acidic and change the pH level inside our mouths.? If our teeth are constantly exposed to acidity, corrosion of the tooth enamel occurs.? Some sodas are worse than others, but they?re all pretty bad?even diet sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juices.

Limiting consumption of these kinds of drinks will greatly reduce your risk or developing unsightly enamel corrosion. If you ?must? have one now and then, you should drink it all at once; don?t sip on it over a long period of time.? Once you?re done, brush your teeth, or at least rinse your mouth out. Drinking through a straw can also be helpful.?

Don?t Delay Your Dental Care

Nobody likes getting into the dental chair; we get it. You must know though, that dental problems don?t get better on their own.? In fact, they get worse.? Nothing will make your cavity go away, so it?s best to bite the bullet and go ahead with your recommended treatment plan. Our Newport Beach dentist has options to help with your comfort!

Prolonging treatment will cause the condition to get worse, which means it will cost more to fix and the necessary procedure will be more invasive. In some cases, the tooth may get so bad that it can?t be saved and will need to be surgically extracted.

Don?t Let Fear Keep You Away

Oral sedation is available to help you relax and have stress free dental treatment, whether it?s a simple filling or a complex root canal. There?s no reason to let your fear keep you from getting your teeth fixed.? Now you can catch up on everything you need in fewer appointments.

Have a Professional Dental Cleaning Every Six Months (or sooner)

Even with good habits at home and work, you need to come by our Newport Beach dental office regularly for a professional cleaning and checkup.? At home, dental products can?t remove all of the plaque on your teeth.? That?s where your dental hygienist comes in.? We use special instruments to access those hard to reach areas. Your teeth will be spic and span, and we?ll evaluate them for any underlying issues.

The Time is Now

If you?re ready to make a commitment to take better care of your teeth this new year, then give us a call today.?We look forward to meeting you and helping address all of your dental needs!

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  • merci beaucoup pour votre enseignement c’est juste formidable ce que vous faite et je vous encourage.
    moi par-contre j’ai un probl?me avec mes dent et j’aimerais y rem?dier avec votre aide merci bien de me r?pondre

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