Wisdom Tooth Exams: Why Now is the Perfect Time

Over the next few months, many young adults will be heading off to college and leaving home for the first time in their lives. Not only does this mean new independence, but it also brings new challenges and responsibilities with maintaining good oral health. A big part of maintaining good oral health is taking care of any dental issues before they get out of hand, so college students should schedule regular checkups with Dr. Yazdan to check on any wisdom teeth that may need removal. Plus, scheduling your wisdom tooth exam now means you’ll have plenty of time to schedule surgery before school starts!

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

Wisdom teeth are usually removed because they are prone to infection and cause frequent pain. They can also crowd other teeth and cause problems with chewing and speaking. Dr. Yazdan can examine the wisdom teeth to see if a referral for oral surgery is needed, with plenty of time before the college fall semester starts.

Removing wisdom teeth can help preserve the health of the adjacent teeth and minimize the risk of painful flare-ups while your college student is away from home. It’s best to take care of these issues early on so your teen doesn’t have to deal with any discomfort during their school year!

Complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth become impacted, they can cause a number of problems. The teeth may grow in at an angle, pushing on other teeth and causing pain. They may also trap food and bacteria, leading to decay or infection. Impacted wisdom teeth can even damage nerves in the jaw. That’s why it’s so important to have them checked by Dr. Yazdan.

If we’re able to intercept atypical wisdom tooth development in time, many of these complications can be avoided entirely.  Dr. Yazdan offers regular wisdom tooth exams as part of your regular checkup or one-off visits for patients who are experiencing pain from their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom-Teeth-Pain-orange-countyAt What Age do Wisdom Teeth Develop?

Wisdom teeth begin forming during late childhood and are usually fully developed by the time a person reaches age 30. If you have wisdom teeth, it’s important to have them routinely checked by a dentist or oral surgeon to make sure they’re healthy and not causing any problems. It’s not uncommon for impacted wisdom teeth to wait until a person’s early to late 20s before they cause any issues.

It’s important to schedule an exam for wisdom teeth by age 15 or 16, because dentists can catch any issues even if the wisdom teeth haven’t fully formed yet. By this point we can tell you if they will likely erupt properly. But for teens who haven’t ever had a wisdom tooth consultation, it’s vital to see a dentist  before they head off to college.

Your Exam with Dr. Yazdan

Dr. Yazdan will take a panoramic x-ray of your mouth, which will help us determine the position of your teen’s wisdom teeth and if they are impacted. She will also perform a clinical exam, looking for any signs of infection or damage to the surrounding teeth. If necessary, we may refer you to an oral surgeon for further treatment. Otherwise, we can continue monitoring your college student’s wisdom teeth during their routine checkups.

Modern wisdom tooth removal techniques ensure better comfort and more efficient recovery times than ever. Most college students only need about a week to recover.

What Happens If I Don’t Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If wisdom teeth aren’t removed, they can easily crowd or damage other teeth. They can also trap food and bacteria if they are partially erupted, which can lead to cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. In some cases, wisdom teeth can cause serious pain or infections.

If you have wisdom teeth that are causing problems, you may need to have them removed by a dentist or oral surgeon. Proactive removal can help your college student avoid serious issues or damage to their healthy, surrounding teeth.

For teens who previously wore braces, there’s another concern to consider: crowding. The pressure of wisdom teeth can press so firmly that they move the other teeth in the mouth. Usually, there are signs of crowding or teeth overlapping at the front of their smile.

Contact Us Today For an Appointment!

As your teen heads off to college or gets ready for another year of school, don’t forget to schedule a wisdom tooth exam. Dr. Yazdan can check on the development of their wisdom teeth and determine if a referral for oral surgery is needed. It’s important to have this done before school starts so that there are no surprises during the busy school year.

Call our Newport Beach dentist’s office today to schedule an appointment.

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