White Spot Removal on Teeth in Orange County

When you smile, do you notice different tones or shades of white on your front teeth? Maybe you even have a few brighter white spots that stand out apart from the other areas?

Having white spots on teeth doesn’t mean that your smile is naturally brighter in certain areas. White spots are actually a side-effect of factors like tooth decay (cavities) or perhaps even too much fluoride while your tooth was developing. Although these two factors are quite separate from one another, they alter the structural makeup of your tooth enamel and as a result, change the way it looks from the outside.

Unfortunately, white spots on teeth aren’t something you can always bleach out with a whitening system. In fact, dental bleaching sometimes makes these lesions stand out more than they did prior to whitening.

Fortunately, our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist has a safe and effective solution: ICON white spot removal treatment.

What is ICON White Spot Treatment? 

ICON is an innovative product developed by DMG (a respected dental materials brand.) The ICON system uses a “resin infiltration” process that essentially helps to fill in the weak, porous, or decalcified areas of teeth that are responsible for causing white spots.

In short, ICON targets the “micropores” or tubules just under the surface of your enamel. The ICON Material itself is clear in nature, so that you get a natural looking color even if you choose to whiten your smile later on.

When ICON is infiltrated into those weaker areas of enamel, it not only eliminates the white discoloration, it also strengthens the tooth in that area to help make it more resistant to sensitivity and dental decay.

Resin is similar to the white composite materials that we use to treat tooth decay. Except instead of filling in a cavity, a clear and more watery version of the material is infiltrated into smooth surfaces via the open tubules and pores inside of your enamel.

Do I Need to Treat White Spots on Teeth?

There are a couple of different reasons why it may be important to treat white spots on teeth. Aesthetically speaking, if you have noticeable demineralized areas at the front of your smile, it can detract from your appearance. Even if your teeth are cavity-free, straight, and have healthy gums, a few significant white spots can make your smile look less than appealing. By treating the surface lesions with ICON, you can dramatically enhance your smile without any other types of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

If Dr. Yazdan determines that your white spot lesion is the result of incipient (early) tooth decay, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent that area from evolving into the next stage: a cavity. In this scenario, treating the spot with ICON would be combined with a re-vamped oral hygiene routine and possible fluoride supplementation. 

Icon Resin Infiltration Orange CountyWhat Happens During ICON Treatment?

An ICON DMG white spot treatment only takes a few minutes per area. The infiltration process itself is about three minutes long. Once it’s fully absorbed by your tooth enamel, Dr. Yazdan uses a small, focused light to cure the material into place. That way the composite infiltration material becomes a permanent part of that area of tooth anatomy.

When Dr. Yazdan is performing white spot treatment on, say, two front teeth, you can expect the overall procedure to only last about 15-20 minutes. Your overall appointment time in our office is usually less than half an hour! ICON DMG is one of the fastest cosmetic dentistry treatments that we offer, and it makes a huge impact on your smile’s appearance.

You might be surprised to learn that ICON white spot treatment in Newport Beach doesn’t involve any numbing, drilling, or discomfort. The tooth is simply cleaned off, prepped, and isolated from the ones around it before the resin is infiltrated.

Smile with Confidence

If you’ve gone years feeling self-conscious about the white spots on your front teeth, ICON DMG finally offers the solution you’ve always wanted. Quickly erase discoloration and white spots in under half an hour without dental veneers, whitening, or cosmetic bonding.

ICON is safe and easy to apply, immediately enhancing the way your teeth look. Chances are, you’ll wish you had explored the white spot treatment even sooner.

Unlike past types of dental white spot treatments, ICON is significantly more effective and predictable for our patients. That’s why Dr. Yazdan has chosen it as our preferred brand when assisting our patients who have even the most severe areas of demineralization.

Request an ICON Consultation Today

Find out if resin infiltration with ICON can give you the healthier, consistently-colored smile you want. Contact The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA today. Dr. Yazdan will be happy to assist you in making your whiter smile a reality!

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