What To Do If You Have White Spots After Whitening

Do you notice various colors or hues of white on your front teeth when you smile? Perhaps you have a few brighter white spots that stand out from the rest of the area?

The presence of white spots on your teeth does not imply that your smile is inherently brighter in certain areas. White spots are a result of factors such as early-stage tooth decay (demineralization) or possibly too much fluoride while your tooth was developing. Although these two factors are unrelated, they alter the functional makeup of your tooth enamel and, as a result, the way it appears from the outside.

Regretfully, white spots on teeth cannot always be removed with a whitening agent. In fact, dental bleaching can make these lesions stand out even more than they did before. If you’ve recently noticed them, it might be time to visit The Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Fortunately, Dr. Yazdan, our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist, has an effective and safe solution: ICON white spot removal treatment.

Why Treat White Spots?

 There are several reasons why it may be necessary to treat white spots on teeth. Aesthetically, visible demineralized regions at the front of your smile can detract from your overall appearance. Even if your teeth are cavity-free, and straight, and your gums are healthy, a few noticeable white spots can make your smile appear less than appealing. You can dramatically improve your smile without any other types of cosmetic dentistry treatments by treating surface lesions with ICON.

If Dr. Yazdan identifies that your white spot lesion is the result of early decay, it’s critical that you take action to keep the area from progressing to the next stage: a cavity. In this case, treating the area with ICON would be combined with a re-accessed oral hygiene routine and a possible fluoride supplement.

Icon Resin Infiltration Orange CountyHow Does ICON Work?

DMG created ICON, an innovative product (a trusted dental materials brand.) The ICON system employs a “resin infiltration” procedure to help fill in the frail, porous, or decalcified areas of tooth surfaces that cause white spots.

ICON, in a nutshell, targets the “micropores” or tubules just beneath the surface of your enamel. Because the ICON material is clear in nature, you will get a natural-looking color even if you choose to whiten your smile later on.

When ICON is infused into the weaker areas of enamel, it not only removes the white discoloration, but it also strengthens the tooth in that area, making it more resistant to sensitivity and tooth caries.

Resin is comparable to the white composite materials used to treat tooth decay. Instead of filling a cavity, a clear and translucent version of the material is infused into smooth surfaces via the open tubules and pores within your enamel.

The ICON Treatment Process

 It only takes a few minutes per area for an ICON DMG white spot treatment. The infiltration procedure takes about three minutes. Dr. Yazdan uses a tiny, focused light to cure the material into place after it has been fully absorbed by your tooth enamel. As a result, the composite infiltration material becomes a permanent fixture of the tooth anatomy in that area.

When Dr. Yazdan performs white spot treatment on, say, two front teeth, the entire procedure should only take about 15-20 minutes. In our office, your total appointment time is usually less than half an hour! ICON DMG is one of the quickest cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer, and it has a significant impact on the appearance of your smile.

You might be surprised to learn that there is no numbing, drilling, or discomfort involved in ICON white spot treatment in Newport Beach. Before the resin is infiltrated, the tooth is simply cleaned, prepped, and isolated from the others.

Restore Your Confidence

 If you’ve spent years feeling self-conscious about the white spots on your front teeth, ICON DMG now has the solution you’ve been looking for. Remove discoloration and white spots in under 30 minutes without the use of dental veneers, whitening, or cosmetic bonding.

ICON is a safe and simple treatment that improves the appearance of your teeth immediately. You’ll probably wish you’d looked into the white spot treatment sooner.

ICON is far more effective and predictable for our patients than previous types of dental white spot treatments. That is why Dr. Yazdan has chosen it as our favorite choice when assisting our patients with even the most severe demineralization.

Treat Your White Spots in Orange County

Find out if ICON resin infiltration can give you the healthier, more consistent-colored smile you desire. Get in touch with The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA, right away. Dr. Yazdan will gladly assist you in treating post-whitening white spots and realizing your dream of a whiter, more even smile!

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