Types of Dental Sedation In Newport Beach

In Newport Beach, dental sedation helps our patients overcome concerns such as those related to comfort, minor dental anxiety, and severe phobia of the dentist’s office. When you know you need specific treatment — but past experiences get in your way of feeling comfortable — Dr. Yazdan can help you access the care you need through convenient sedation options.

Each type of Newport Beach dental sedation works in a different way, providing various levels of analgesia and awareness for our patients. Selecting the best type of sedative can ensure a positive experience so that you can get your smile’s health back on track.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of sedation:

Inhalation Sedation

Although you might not know it, inhalation sedation is the most common type of sedative used in most dental practices. It’s better known as nitrous oxide sedation or “laughing gas.”

Nitrous oxide sedation provides a light analgesia that starts working within a few minutes of breathing in the mixture through your nose. As it travels into your lungs it’s transferred into your bloodstream, offering overall relaxation from head to toe. Some people find that their fingers tingle a bit or get a little sleepy. Others might get a case of the giggles (hence the nickname “laughing gas.”)

sedation-dentistry-newport-beachAlthough you’re fully awake with nitrous oxide sedation, you’ll feel similar to having had a few glasses of wine. You just won’t be as anxious or care as much about what’s going on in the dental chair. Dr. Yazdan will still use local anesthesia to numb areas as needed, but overall you’ll feel more relaxed.

As soon as the nitrous oxide is turned off, the sedative effects wear off within a matter of minutes. There isn’t any lingering drowsiness, so you won’t even need a designated driver to take you home. You can get back to business as usual! 

Oral Conscious Sedation

A step up from nitrous oxide sedation is oral conscious (or simply oral) sedation. This type of procedure uses a prescription sedative that you take by mouth just prior to the appointment. As it starts to “kick in”, you’ll feel like you’re napping or barely awake. In reality, you’ll be able to communicate with our Newport Beach dental sedation provider, but probably won’t remember any of it because of the amnesic affect.

Oral sedation lasts for a few hours, giving you more than enough time to catch up on basic dental work or one lengthier procedure, then be on your way back home before the sedative wears off. For obvious reasons, you’ll need to have someone bring you to and from the appointment.

IV Sedation

If you want to ensure that you feel like you’re sleeping or “knocked out” through an entire dental appointment, the closest thing that you’re looking for is probably IV sedation. With this type of medication, the sedative is delivered through a traditional intravenous (IV) line in your hand or arm for the specific length of the procedure, no matter how short or how long. IV sedation is typically used for more complex situations such as oral surgery. Even though the medication drip is turned off at a specific time, the drowsiness can last for a few hours afterward. Just like oral sedation, you’ll need to have a trusted friend or family member accompany you to and from the appointment.

When Should I Get Sedation?

Dr. Yazdan might recommend our Newport Beach dental sedation if you fit into one of the following categories:

  • Delaying treatment because of sensitive teeth, anxiety, or fear of the dentist
  • Need for a lengthy or complex procedure, such as full mouth dental implants or wisdom tooth removal
  • The desire to complete multiple procedures in one visit
  • If you simply want to feel as relaxed as possible, no matter the type of treatment that you need
  • You’re relatively healthy, with no underlying medical issues – including drug allergies, recent hospitalizations, or surgeries
  • You’re able to arrange transportation to and from your appointment so that you’re not alone during recovery

Choosing the Best Dental Sedation

Newport Beach sedation dentists like Dr. Yazdan will carefully screen each patient to determine the safest and most appropriate type of medication for their situation. Part of this process will involve reviewing your medical history, discussing past complications (if any), and getting a list of any medications or supplements that you’re taking. Be sure to let us know about any possible drug or food allergies.

From there, we’ll determine the length and extent of dental treatment that you need, and then weigh it against the benefits of the various types of sedation. Once you’re aware of all of the pros and cons, you can select the best course of treatment for your unique scenario.

To learn more about Newport Beach dental sedation, contact The Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry today!

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