Treatment for Stubborn White Spots on Teeth

Treatment for Stubborn White Spots on Teeth 

Our tooth enamel is made up of a dense — yet porous — network of minerals. And although they typically share the same hue and color, it’s possible for some areas of enamel to have different shades. Or worse, scars and demineralization, which can stand out as unsightly yellow, brown, or white spots.

Some people even say they can tell their child is sick by seeing white spots on their teeth, which could actually be existing demineralization combined with dehydration (and low saliva) or stomach acids due to vomiting.

But what can be done about tenacious white spots that detract from your smile’s natural aesthetic appeal? Are some white spot treatments better than others?  Understanding the causes of white spots on teeth is the first step to narrowing down a long-term solution.

What are the Causes of White Spots on Teeth?

Discoloration such as spotting in tooth enamel can be caused by factors like:

  • Childhood illnesses
  • Fevers during tooth development
  • Early stages of tooth decay
  • Poor plaque removal
  • Plaque accumulation around orthodontic appliances
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Genetic defects
  • Inadequate or excess fluoride

To find the best white spot treatment, Dr. Yazdan will first have to differentiate the causes of white spots on teeth from one individual to the next. What causes discoloration on your friend’s smile could be completely different than that of your own. Pinpointing various risk factors and conducting an interview with each of our patients allows us to identify what may or could have happened to the tooth in question. Once we know the history, Dr. Yazdan can identify the best white spot treatment.


ICON DMG is one of the best modern solutions when it comes to white spot treatment. Instead of trying to bleach out severe localized staining, or completely covering your tooth with a crown or veneer, Dr. Yazdan can infiltrate liquid resin into the porous enamel at that specific location. As the resin flows through the microscopic pores and tubules in your enamel, it fills in the openings with a tooth-colored sheen that blends in with the overall structure. No bleaching or bonding is needed!

Icon Resin Infiltration Orange CountyICON DMG offers a proven solution for our patients with severe white spots on teeth. If you’re someone who has spent years trying to whiten or bleach out tooth discoloration to no avail, ICON DMG can actually provide results. Best of all, it’s completely comfortable and only requires a short visit to complete.

By erasing severe white spots on your front teeth, you can drastically transform the overall appearance of your smile. There won’t be atypical flaws standing out, detracting from your natural appeal. Rather, the white spot subsides and an even, consistent color spans from one side of your mouth to the other. Color consistency and symmetry are two important facets of cosmetic dentistry. That’s why ICON DMG is such an effective procedure!

Preventing White Spots

Some types of white spots are preventable, others aren’t. The ones that can be avoided are typically due to plaque accumulation and oral hygiene habits. For instance, if you have a moderate amount of plaque biofilm along your gumlines and around your braces — and it doesn’t get cleaned off all the way when you brush — it will gradually start to etch away at your tooth. In the beginning, the tooth becomes dry, dehydrated, and demineralized. The acid etching causes that area of tooth to take on a noticeably white, matte color. At that point minerals need to go back into the tooth, or the compromised enamel will start to erode (creating a cavity.)

Re-vamping your oral hygiene routine can help you prevent white spots or avoid the ones you have from getting any worse. Additionally, it helps to supplement with fluoride on a daily basis and schedule routine checkups.

Other causes of white spot treatment may be associated with illnesses or natural mineral levels where you live. Especially during childhood, when your permanent teeth are developing. Always drinking from municipal water sources or a water supply where fluoride levels are monitored can help.

What About Bleaching?

When it comes to common white spot treatments, a lot of people try to bleach their teeth first. Professional whitening systems are usually most effective, brightening enamel more than what weaker generic kits are capable of. At first, white spots will actually look brighter than the areas around them (because the less dense enamel bleaches out quicker) but in time, the color begins to even out. Whitening works as a white spot treatment, but more aggressive discoloration may require something like ICON DMG being infiltrated into the enamel.

Are you embarrassed about the way your teeth look? Do you hide your smile behind your hand or avoid posing in photos? Then call The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry today. Dr. Yazdan will do everything

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