Top Five Cosmetic Dentistry Trends in 2020

With people working from home, social distancing, and having more free time on their hands (hello 30-second work commute!) it’s no surprise that 2020 has been one of the biggest years for cosmetic treatments. From plastic surgery and weight loss to revamped fitness and smile makeovers, there’s a good chance we’re all going to look a little different when we finally come back together again.

If you’re thinking about enhancing the way your smile looks, why not consider one of these top cosmetic dentistry treatments

Dental Veneers

For that “go big or go home” smile treatment, dental veneers are second to none. Veneers were specifically designed to take your smile to the next level, by immediately addressing issues like crowding, gaps, discoloration, and misshaped enamel.

Dental Veneers

Each dental veneer bonds directly over the healthy tooth underneath. That way when you smile, the veneer creates the appearance of a brighter, properly aligned/shaped tooth. Dental veneers are typically paired in sets of six or more, depending on how many teeth in your “smile zone” are visible.

After the initial planning appointment, the dental veneers treatment usually requires two visits about two weeks apart. You can even select the shade and shape that you want your “new” teeth to have!

Teeth Whitening

There’s probably no cosmetic dentistry treatment that’s as affordable as our Newport Beach teeth whitening. By erasing years of stains, internal discolorations, and uneven tooth color, you can enjoy brighter teeth that look younger and healthier. Most people see anywhere from 3-7 shades improvement. When used as directed, you can keep your smile bright for years to come.

Dr. Yazdan recommends teeth whitening if you’re planning to get any type of cosmetic treatment (so that the new restorations can be matched to your smile’s brighter color.) But it’s also a great stand-alone aesthetic procedure. As long as your teeth and gums are health and there are no visible restorations in your “smile zone”, then you’re probably cleared for teeth whitening!

Depending on your preferences, we offer a choice of same-day (in-house) whitening or a custom take-home kit. Both are effective and provide dazzling results. When it comes to affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments, teeth whitening is one of the best options to choose.


Troubled by dramatic white spots on your teeth? If the rest of your smile is completely healthy but you’re bothered by atypical tooth coloration, ICON DMG offers fast, effective results. ICON DMG infiltrates atypical tooth enamel such as tedious white spots and helps them blend in with the overall color of the tooth. And if that didn’t sound great enough, it’s completely noninvasive. You can even choose to whiten your teeth later on, and the treated area will still blend in with the enamel around it.

Icon Resin Infiltration Orange County
ICON DMG (Before/After)

ICON DMG is ideal for demineralized or hypocalcified areas that cause white spots on teeth. They’re sometimes due to heavy plaque, poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment, or childhood illnesses/injuries. ICON DMG is the perfect go-to white spot treatment when traditional options like teeth whitening aren’t effective.

Dental Implants

Although dental implants are technically a type of restorative treatment (after all, they’re used for replacing missing teeth), many people consider them a great cosmetic solution for their smile’s needs. Since dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, they’re the new standard of care when it comes to addressing tooth loss.

Implants can be used for single tooth replacement or in sets for full mouth rehabilitation. In fact, it’s not uncommon to use as few as four implants to permanently anchor a full-arch (upper or lower) hybrid prosthesis.

Not only do dental implants look great, they also support your facial tissues and bony structures. That way you can combat the signs of early aging associated with tooth loss. Since missing teeth can cause your face to look sunken in or your jaws to look “short”, implants slow the side-effects and even enhance your bone strength in those areas.

Tooth Colored Restorations

Need more than just a bit of smile enhancement? Our tooth-colored resin, ceramic, and porcelain restorations are the perfect solution! By restoring areas of decay or broken enamel, we not only eliminate the source of pain and disease, we recreate the appearance of a whole, healthy tooth! Dr. Yazdan’s skilled hand and eye for detail allow you to enjoy restorative treatments that take your oral health and smile’s beauty to the next level.

White fillings, porcelain crowns, and inlays/onlays are just a few examples of the types of tooth-colored restorations that we offer in our Newport Beach cosmetic dentistry office. Through thoughtful planning and a tooth-by-tooth approach, we can incorporate your restorations with other cosmetic treatments (like teeth whitening or dental implants) to help you achieve the overall look you’re searching for.

Request your consultation with our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist today!

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