Top 5 Habits That Cause Tooth Staining In Newport Beach

Have you ever wondered exactly why or how your teeth can yellow or darken in color over time? Environmental factors and even medications can cause our teeth to look dark. But in most cases, certain everyday habits, beverages and specific foods we eat are what contributes to staining our teeth. Here are the top five tooth staining causes we see in Newport Beach, and what you can do to combat their stubborn stains.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is one of the most problematic habits for oral health; it will also heavily stain your teeth. It really is a lose-lose situation. Smoking is still one of the most common causes for tooth staining. When you smoke, the nicotine and tar within the cigarette will turn a dark brown color as it’s exposed to oxygen. Because the outer layer of our teeth is porous, smoking stains are easily absorbed into the tooth structure. Often, smokers will build up heavy stains between their teeth, along the gum tissues, and across smooth surfaces where the smoke is most concentrated.

  1. Chewing Tobacco and Vaping

Speaking of tobacco products, chewing tobacco and vaping products can also cause serious stain and damage to teeth. Chewing or “dip” tobacco mixes with saliva in your mouth, which in turn coats the teeth and oral tissues with a brown liquid. This constant chewing and coating on the teeth will turn teeth a brown or yellow color that is difficult to remove. The irritation from smokeless tobacco can also contribute to gum recession and exposed tooth roots, which tend to be more yellow than your tooth enamel.


Vaping products may also contain dyes or ingredients that contribute to tooth staining as the vape liquid pools against the teeth and the fumes saturate your tooth enamel.

  1. Coffee

One of the most beloved beverages for those looking for that cup (or should we say cups?) of energy, coffee is one the largest contributors to stain in Newport Beach! While all coffee can stain our teeth to some extent, black coffee is the biggest contributor due to its darker color. If you add cream or milk to your coffee this can reduce the staining effect due to the lighter color of the coffee. Coffee is also a rather acidic beverage that may contribute to enamel erosion, especially if you add sweetener, sugar, or flavored coffee creamers. Some dentists recommend drinking coffee through a straw to limit contact with their teeth, or rinsing their mouth with water between cups to reduce the accumulation of new stains on their tooth surfaces.

  1. Tea

Black and green tea are healthy and sometimes even beneficial to your wellness, but both can leave a lot of stains on your tooth surfaces. Green tea is known to reduce cavity causing bacteria, inflammation of the gum tissues and even protect tooth enamel. If you keep up with brushing and flossing as well as routine dental appointments, green tea stain can easily be managed. However, black tea will usually leave even more stain than green, due to its darker color. Rinsing with water between cups or glasses of tea can help in somewhat reducing the tea particles from sticking and becoming absorbed to your tooth surface. Using a straw can also limit contact time. It’s worth noting that iced teas such as the processed blends will often contain added sugar, which can increase the acidity of the tea and lead to a higher tooth decay risk. If you do drink tea its best to avoid the added sweeteners.

  1. Soda

One of our Newport Beach dentist’s least favorite drinks is soda. Why? Because it can cause serious levels of tooth decay as well as stain! Yes, including diet sodas. Many sodas are darker in color as well as acidic. This combination is a recipe for dental disaster. The acids in the soda can break down the outer layer of enamel and leave the tooth surface much more vulnerable to picking up and holding onto stain. While some make the argument that lighter color sodas do not stain as much, they are still harmful to tooth enamel and should be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Our Cosmetic Dentist Can Help

While many tooth stains can be difficult to remove, it is certainly not impossible to improve your smile’s color. At The Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry, we can whiten your smile several ways, including:

  • Routine dental cleanings to remove surface staining
  • Dietary counseling and patient education
  • Bleaching kits and in-office whitening treatments
  • Composite restorations to repair or cover discolored surfaces
  • Crowns to restore severely damaged teeth
  • Veneers to perfect your smile’s shape and color

If you’re experiencing tooth staining want to improve the look of your smile, call The Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach today to schedule an appointment.

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