Your Guide for Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Your Guide for Choosing the Right Toothpaste


Was your last trip to the toothpaste aisle overwhelming?? With so many options out there and all the brands claiming to be the best, it can be difficult to decide on which product is right for you. Some features, like flavor, might be a personal preference.? In other cases, you may need more of one ingredient in your toothpaste then the next person. So rather than going by popular demand, talk to our Newport Beach dentist about selecting the one that?s best for your individual needs.

Typical Ingredients Found in Most Toothpaste

In general, all toothpaste will have these common ingredients:

  • Detergents: Since most people relate cleanliness to soap suds, many toothpaste manufacturers will place detergents in their toothpaste to make them foam up with being used. This is an unnecessary ingredient and it?s up to you whether you want to see it in your toothpaste or not.
  • Artificial Flavor: The most popular flavor for adult toothpaste is some variation of mint, but there are others available. Cinnamon, bubblegum, cherry, and grape are also common. Whichever you prefer is fine.
  • Abrasives: Adding a very fine grit to toothpaste helps remove food and stains from teeth. Some commonly used abrasives are calcium carbonate and silicates. When selecting a toothpaste, you don?t want a strong abrasive as it might damage the tooth enamel surface.
  • Thickeners: Nothing?s worse than a thin toothpaste that slides off your brush before you?ve even made it up to your mouth. Some toothpaste will have added thickeners to make it a better consistency.
  • Glycerin: To prevent toothpaste from drying out, most manufacturers will use glycerin as one of their ingredients.

Toothpaste Specifications

Now that you?re familiar with the common ingredients found in most toothpastes, let?s look into some specifics.


Dental issues like gum recession can cause cold and hot sensitivity.? There are toothpastes available with ingredients like potassium nitrate or strontium chloride to help with this problem.

Sensitivity toothpaste works by forming a layer on the outer surface of the tooth that serves as a protective barrier, preventing temperatures from reaching the nerve and causing discomfort. When beginning to use this product, it may take a few weeks to start noticing a difference.


Everyone wants whiter, brighter looking teeth. Some whitening toothpastes work by using abrasives to scrub away surface stains.? Others contain ingredients like carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda, to whiten teeth.

While some whitening toothpastes are marked safe for everyday use be aware of the effects it has on your teeth.? If you start to experience sensitivity since you started using whitening toothpaste, then you should discontinue its use.

Tartar Control

Once plaque hardens into tartar it becomes more difficult to remove. Tartar control toothpaste contains chemical compounds like pyrophosphates and zinc citrate that have been proven effective at removing stubborn plaque. Some tartar control toothpaste on the market also contains an antibiotic called triclosan, that kills the bad bacteria in the mouth.


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in your bones and teeth.? It?s also derived from soil, plants, and rock and used by humans to help improve dental health. Fluoride can be a tooth lifesaver. It?s so helpful that some water treatment plants add it to their systems so that the community can have fluoride in their drinking water.

Using fluoridated dental products leads to stronger tooth enamel, making it less likely to fall victim to decay.? This ingredient is so powerful that it can reverse the early stages of acid damage by remineralizing affected areas. Fluoride should be found in the toothpaste of both children and adults.


The ADA Seal of Acceptance

?The American Dental Association (ADA) looks out for the consumer by testing toothpastes that are on the market.

In order to be approved by the ADA, all toothpastes must contain fluoride. They can also include ingredients that lessen tooth sensitivity, whiten teeth, reduce gingivitis or tartar build-up, and prevent enamel erosion or bad breath.

If a toothpaste contains flavoring agents that are known to cause tooth decay, like sugar, they will not be approved. Furthermore, in order to be accepted by the ADA, a toothpaste manufacturer will have to provide scientific evidence showing the safety and efficacy of the product. This process may take as long as seven years.

When shopping for your next favorite toothpaste look for the ADA seal of acceptance to ensure that you?re getting a reliable product.

Don?t Forget to Visit the Dentist

While there are many good dental products on the market today, nothing beats going to the dentist for a professional cleaning.?Make a commitment to do all you can do to ensure that you have great oral health. Visit The Center for Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA on a regular basis to stay on top of the best oral health possible. We look forward to meeting you.? Call us today!

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