Tips to Make Dentistry More Affordable

Looking for an affordable dentist in Newport Beach? Getting “cheap” dentistry isn’t always what it’s cut out to be, but there are realistic steps you can take to minimize your oral health expenses and how much you spend on dental treatments in the future.

Believe it or not, finding an affordable dentist in Newport Beach isn’t all that hard. It just depends on the approach that you take to your oral health!

Follow these important tips:

Focus on Preventative Dentistry

Most dental problems are completely preventable. Issues like tooth decay and gum disease — if they’re caught in the earliest stages — can be stopped or even reversed (only if the tooth is just starting to demineralize, not if a cavity has already ruptured through the enamel.) But that means good home care, daily flossing, and scheduling regular exams and cleanings with your dental team. Affordable dentistry in Newport Beach is a reality as long as you focus on preventing common dental infections.

Treat Problems as Soon as They Pop Up

One of the biggest misconceptions about finding an affordable dentist in Newport Beach is that you don’t need them until your tooth starts hurting. In reality, the cheapest way to repair your teeth is to “fix” them as soon as a problem is detected. That means even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms of pain or discomfort.

For example, if you’re visiting with Dr. Yazdan for a six-month checkup and we notice a small cavity on your routine X-rays, the most affordable option would be to go ahead and have the area filled. If not, it will only continue to spread deeper into the tooth and possibly adjacent teeth. At that point, the treatment evolves from a small filling and into a crown or multiple fillings on various teeth. Decay, cracks, and other issues can’t be reversed. So the most affordable treatment option is to address them as early as possible. Smaller restorations will always be more affordable than larger ones.

Opt for the Minimally Invasive Solution

Incorporating technology allows our Newport Beach dentist to place smaller restorations and complete procedures in less time. For instance, you might do best with a small white filling than opting for a traditional amalgam (metal) restoration. Why? Because the white version requires less tooth adjustment, bonds flush to your enamel, and isn’t as likely to leak or cause cracking around it 5-10 years down the road. Sometimes paying a few dollars more can save you extra cash in the grand scheme of your oral health.

Another example would be to restore your tooth with a crown instead of choosing to go straight for the extraction. By creating extra space in your mouth, the other teeth start moving and additional problems start forming. At that point, you’re having to consider a bridge or implant. Ultimately, Dr. Yazdan or any affordable dentist in Newport Beach will want to help you preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible.

Choose a Dentist with the Best Technology

An affordable dentist in Newport Beach might actually be the one with the most recent technology and equipment, all of which require investments back into the practice. Such as laser dentistry, digital X-rays, or 3D scanning. Why? Because such resources allow for earlier detection of dental disease and cut back on how much treatment a patient needs to keep their smile healthy.

Don’t Base Your Care Off of Your Insurance Plan

A lot of people don’t want dental treatment unless it’s covered by their insurance. Unfortunately, nearly all dental insurance policies are designed to promote preventative care over extensive treatment. That means your coverage will pay more for a cleaning and exam twice a year than it will for a few fillings every other year. Allowing your coverage to dictate what treatments your smile gets can wind up jeopardizing the health and appearance of your teeth in the grand scheme of things. Sadly, dental insurance tends to pay less the more extensive your oral health needs become.

When All Else Fails, Finance Your Treatment

It’s more affordable to make low monthly payments on filling a cavity than it is to wait it out until the tooth hurts and then having to pay for a root canal and crown. Working with an affordable dentist in Newport Beach may mean requesting 0% financing through plans like CareCredit, so that you can get treatment started right away instead of putting it off. It might actually be cheaper to pay for it outright with financing than it would to have your insurance kick in for a bigger procedure several months down the road.

For more tips on how to get affordable dentistry in Newport Beach, schedule your six-month checkup at The Center for Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry today!

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