Three Treatments to Combine with Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry in Newport Beach is a safe, convenient way to catch up on all of your oral health needs. If you’ve never had a dental sedation appointment or you’re curious about whether sedation is a good option, you’re not alone. Here are three common procedures that Dr. Yazdan typically performs alongside sedation for our patients.

Newport Beach Dental Implants

Surprisingly, dental implants are a fairly straightforward and comfortable treatment to have completed. However, it’s not uncommon for people to experience a little anxiety because of the “unknowns” involved. And depending on how many dental implants you’re getting, you might need a longer appointment than someone else.

By incorporating dental sedation with your dental implant procedure, you can plan to have all (or at least most of) your implants installed during the same appointment. And depending on the type of sedation you’ve elected to have, it might seem as if you’re sleeping throughout the entire process.

If you’re just getting one or two dental implants and want to have them placed without sedation, that’s completely fine. Dr. Yazdan finds that a small amount of local anesthetic — or numbing medication — is usually all that most people need to feel comfortable.

Hollywood Smile Makeovers

For our patients considering smile makeovers, planning multiple phases of treatments can take a bit of scheduling and logistics (especially if you need to get off from work or arrange to have someone come with you.) Coordinating smile makeovers with sedation helps expedite the process. That way you’re not using as many vacation days, and are essentially “speeding up” the makeover experience by completing multiple treatments in one, slightly longer appointment.

Some smile makeovers are more of a full mouth reconstruction process. Perhaps you have multiple areas of decay or missing teeth, where it wouldn’t be ideal to treat them all at once without sedation. Pairing those rehabilitation steps with dental sedation means you’re able to comfortably address all of your care needs at once. While we typically don’t perform lengthier treatments without sedation — because we don’t want your entire mouth to feel numb — it’s easier to do while you’re “napping” through the appointment. That way once the sedation begins to wear off, your local anesthetic is too.

Smile makeovers are unique, in that each one involves a combination of different types of treatments to fit the individual. You might be getting prepped for several porcelain veneers or ceramic crowns, having missing teeth replaced, or even undergoing tooth and gum recontouring. Ultimately the main goal is a comfortable experience that’s also more efficient for our patients.

Depending on what types of treatment(s) you have planned for your smile makeover, ask Dr. Yazdan if it’s possible to have them completed under dental sedation.

Dental Extractions or Wisdom Tooth Removal

Finally, one of the most frequent requests we get is to have dental sedation alongside planned tooth extractions. Perhaps you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, have a non-restorable tooth that needs to be extracted, or you’re in severe pain because of an injury and removal is the best solution.

Dental sedation comes in a variety of “levels” or “strengths” to choose from. Depending on the type of extraction that you need, you may not want as deep of sedation as someone else. When you work with our Newport Beach dentist, we’ll discuss the advantages of each type of sedation and which type of sedation is most appropriate for your needs. 

What Types of Sedation Are There?

Not all of our Newport Beach sedation services are the same. Some are a lighter analgesic — like “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) — where you’re still fully conscious, but it feels as if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. It’s fast-acting and quickly reversible. Others are a deeper type of medication, where you feel drowsy for several hours and need someone to drive you home. These deeper sedatives also tend to have an amnesic effect, where you may not remember very much about your trip to our office.

Safe, Relaxing Dentistry in Newport Beach

Dental sedation isn’t restricted to tooth extractions, smile makeovers, or dental implants. Our Newport Beach dentist offers the service to expedite your care and ensure a calm, relaxing environment where you can access the oral health services you need. So, whether you just want to feel at ease or you’re struggling with a history of dental anxiety, you always have an option to go to.

As one of Newport Beach’s premier dental practices, our sedation dentistry patients can enjoy high-quality care in one of the most relaxing spaces in town.

Contact The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry today to request your next exam. While you’re here, be sure to ask about whether sedation dentistry is right for you!

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