Three Things to Consider During a Smile Makeover

Getting a smile makeover goes beyond just creating the vision of white, straight teeth. There are multiple facets to consider when it comes to creating the most attractive smile possible. Without even realizing it, you may be looking for things that are or aren’t there, as you base your opinion on whether certain teeth are attractive.

When you visit The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry for a smile makeover experience, there are a few broad areas that affect the results. Even though our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist will specifically need to treat certain things, it’s how all of those facets work together to create a beautiful smile.

  1. The Frame Around Your Teeth

A beautiful smile is more than just teeth. It also has to do with the “frame” of soft tissue around them. Things like the fullness of your lips, the level where your lips lay against your teeth, and even the contour of your gum tissues (gingiva) play a role.

Sometimes Dr. Yazdan will choose to incorporate soft tissue therapies as part of a smile makeover. Examples might be gum recontouring for “gummy” smiles or short-looking teeth. As we adjust the contour of the margins of your gums, we can improve symmetry and help teeth look both fuller and healthier.

Occasionally you might even see cosmetic dentists incorporate injectables or fillers into a smile makeover plan, simply to help the lips and cheeks lay attractively around the teeth. Even the color of your lipstick and your skincare regimen can play into how attractive your smile looks!

Let’s not forget the health of your gum tissues. If you have absolutely stunning teeth, but your gums are red, infected, bleeding, swollen, or receding, it will take all of that beauty away from your smile. Untreated periodontal disease doesn’t just cause red or swollen gums; it eventually leads to tooth and bone loss. By scheduling routine dental cleanings and addressing periodontitis early, you can keep your gingiva healthy and tight like they’re supposed to be. As an added perk, your breath will be fresher too!

  1. Addressing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can impact your meal choices, speech, and the overall appearance of your smile. Even if your missing teeth aren’t visible (perhaps they’re located further back in your bite) they can still impact other areas. For instance, the room created by a missing tooth could lead to other teeth shifting out of place. Opposing teeth can also “super-erupt” into that open gap, complicating the alignment of your opposite arch of teeth.

Then there are the effects of bone resorption or shrinkage. Any time you have missing teeth, the bone in that immediate area begins to shrink. In turn, it causes a shallow area in your facial tissues, because of your cheeks sinking in or the jaw appearing “shorter.”

For a functional, attractive bite, Dr. Yazdan needs to ensure that all of your missing teeth are restored with a permanent, functional restoration. But we also take things a bit further. We intercept teeth that are at risk of loss, by correcting damage or disease while the tooth is still salvageable. That way you can preserve it for as long as possible. We incorporate minimally invasive yet attractive restorations, such as porcelain crowns and white fillings to repair areas of decay or fractures.

Our Newport Beach dentist offers options like fixed dental implants and porcelain bridges for replacing missing teeth. They can be used independently or alongside one another, depending on how many teeth need to be restored. The design is specifically adjusted to make your new bite look as natural as possible.

  1. Achieving Symmetry in Your Smile

Our brain naturally links symmetry with beauty. When something is asymmetrical, it can cause whatever it is to look irregular or unhealthy, depending on what it is. Maybe you can get away with an asymmetrical hairstyle, but you probably don’t prefer for your teeth to be that way.

Ideally, you’re looking for symmetry through the appearance of white, straight teeth. Everything from a consistent color and biting edge to the shape of each tooth is important. Teeth need to blend in one with another, for a healthy overall appearance.

Depending on symmetrical issues at hand, Dr. Yazdan may want to incorporate therapies such as Invisalign, teeth whitening, tooth bonding, recontouring, or even porcelain veneers. As we help each tooth look as if it belongs with its neighbors, you step closer toward the “perfect” smile.

Ready for a Smile Makeover?

If you’re ready to finally achieve white, straight teeth, contact The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more about what we have to offer. Through our menu of comprehensive cosmetic therapies like gum contouring and missing teeth treatments, we have something for everyone. Call us today to request an appointment.

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