The Truth About Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Products

The Truth About Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Have you been thinking about whitening your teeth? Are you considering using an over the counter teeth whitening product? If you are, I wanted shed some light on the truth about over the counter teeth whitening products. I personally know the big confidence boost that comes to my patients when they whiten their teeth and I definitely understand why you want to have your teeth whitened. But, before you make a decision about the route you are going to take to get your teeth whitened, you should know some of these facts.

These days, there are tons of options to get your teeth whitened if you just take a walk down the toothpaste aisle of any grocery store. Every brand has their version of the best product for you to use and they even have toothpaste now that you can use to give your smile a daily boost. These solutions range from costing you a few dollars or more depending on the product that you?re going to be using. And, while they seem more affordable and less time consuming than going to your dentist and getting this process done, less isn?t always best.

Here are 3 reasons why I think you should reconsider your decision about using an over the counter product:

  1. You?re Using Chemicals You Have No Idea About

The products that you will be using to help you achieve the bright smile that you really want will have a lot of chemicals in them to help you achieve the look that you?re going for. And, because I?m assuming you?re not a professional here, you will most likely have no idea what you?re putting into your mouth to get your teeth whitened. Because each product is different, there could be chemicals that just don?t work well with your body or ones that are harmful to you in the product. We all know that just because something can make it on the market to sell doesn?t really mean that it?s good for us to use, right? Well, the same thing applies to the chemicals that are found in the over the counter teeth whitening products. If you?re going to use one of these products please make sure that you do your fair share of research and truly understand what you?re going to be putting into your body.

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2. The Results Aren?t Going To Be The Same


The truth is that these products may help boost your smile, but if so, it’s only a little. I can almost guarantee that it won?t be to the extent of what?s advertised and it won?t compare to the results that you can see from having a dentist do this for you. As a dentist, we have stronger, prescription strength products that are tailored to be safe, effective, and what you need. When you get over the counter whitening strips, you are getting somewhere between 1-5% of hydrogen peroxide, and you don’t know if the pack you are picking up is 1%, 3%, or 5%. ?When you bleach in a dental office, we use products that go up to 25% hydrogen peroxide. ?This means that you don?t have to waste money trying product after product, putting more and more chemicals into your body, and still not ending up with the brightest smile that you could possibly have. ?Additionally, when you have your teeth whitened at a dental office, we isolate all your tissues (which reduces the risk of burning your tissues), and the bleach we use doesn’t get contaminated and diluted by your saliva. ?All of these differences yield better results.


3. It?s Not Custom To You and Your Teeth


If you are picking up a pack of whitening strips from the drug store, then you’re not getting just that. . .a strip. ?Even if you don’t want your teeth professionally whitening, but instead choose to do your whitening at home using bleach trays made by your dentist, they will be made to fit your teeth. ?The difference? Again, less chance for contamination, less chance for burning your tissues. Also, the bleach we give you to take home is a much higher strength than the one you buy over the counter at a drug store. ?Additionally, as dentists, we evaluate the condition and color of your teeth, and are able to give you the best whitening products for you specifically. ?Products at the drug store aren’t tailor made for you, so while they are cheaper, they are definitely not as effective.

These were just a few reasons why I don?t recommend that you use an over the counter teeth whitening product. ?If you are serious about whitening your teeth, consult with your dentist about which options are going to the best fit for you. If you do decide to go with an over the counter product please make sure that you do your fair share of research and that you follow the instructions in great detail to make sure that you get the best results possible in the safest way possible.

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