Why Having Straight Teeth Matters

Why Having Straight Teeth Matters

When it comes to having straight teeth, it?s about more than just how you look. While having straight teeth definitely can help improve your overall appearance and confidence, there are other health benefits as well. I wanted to shed some light on three things you should know about having straight teeth and why you should consider talking about these things with your dentist.

Cleaning Is Easier

When you’re teeth are crooked and overlapping each other, it allows bacteria to get trapped in between all of the crevices. ?It can at times, become nearly impossible for you to keep it clean yourself. ?But when you have straight teeth, it becomes much easier to clean your teeth. ?Keeping your teeth clean is the best way to keep them firmly planted in your head. ?When you?re able to properly clean your teeth, ?you will have less bacteria in your mouth. And fewer bacteria left in your mouth and on your teeth means there are fewer chances for decay and cavities to form. ?It also reduces your chances of developing gum disease, as well as other systemic conditions!

As an added bonus, you will end up spending less time and money at your dental office!

To make sure that you?re cleaning your teeth properly, you?ll want to make sure that you?re brushing your teeth using a good toothbrush, with SOFT bristles, at least a couple times per day, flossing after meals, and using a good mouthwash to help clean up what?s missed from brushing your teeth.

Biting Is Easier

When your teeth are straight, biting into your favorite foods become a lot easier and the risk of hurting your teeth due to an improper bite is reduced. When you bite into foods it?s important to make sure that you?re biting cleanly into your food and that your bite isn?t off.

If you enjoy biting into foods such as apples, steak, or other hard foods having straight teeth is so important to you. You?ll find that biting into these foods are easier for you and don?t cause as much discomfort when your teeth are straightened. ?But. . .I do have to say something. ?If you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy, I always recommend cutting up your food (even apples) and eating them on the back!

Increased Overall Health

I?ve talked before about how your dental health affects your overall health but it?s worth mentioning here too. When you?re able to take better care of your teeth, and clean them more effectively, your overall health increases. Your oral health greatly impacts your overall health because it?s one of the main entryways into your body.

The toxins and bacteria that start in your mouth can make their way into your bloodstream and throughout your body. This causes other health issues and things to happen that can leave you sick and dealing with other health problems and systemic conditions. So, if you can stop them before they start you?ll be doing your entire body a favor.

There are many more reasons that having straight teeth matters, but hopefully these three were enough to get you talking to your dentist if you have been considering correcting the alignment of your teeth. ? I hope you can now see that having straight teeth is about more than just how they look, it’s also about how they make you feel, and how?they can also help your oral and overall health. If your teeth aren?t as straight as you?d like, I would recommend booking an appointment with your dentist to discuss your options. ?

And as always, if you have more questions, hop on over to Instagram and send me a direct message with your question, or comment on my newest photo for a faster response!! See you there!


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