Five Reasons to Consider Getting a Smile Makeover

Five Reasons to Consider Getting a Smile Makeover

Have you ever considered getting a smile makeover? Investing in the way your smile looks can affect everything from what types of food you?re able to eat to the level of self-confidence you have in social and professional settings.

For many of our Newport Beach cosmetic patients, they often wish they had chosen to get a smile makeover sooner.

If you?re still trying to decide whether now is the right time to talk to a cosmetic dentist about enhancements that can be made in your smile, here are a few things to think about:

You Won?t Have to be Embarrassed by the Way Your Teeth Look

A few aesthetic flaws in our teeth can be all that it takes to prevent us from posing in photographs with friends, striking up conversations with new people, or even laughing around our family members.

Do you find that you purposely avoid smiling because of how your teeth look? A smile makeover can easily address cosmetic concerns such as:


  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Chips and gaps in your smile
  • Discoloration/staining
  • Missing teeth
  • Worn or broken teeth and dental work
  • Sunken-in tissues due to tooth loss
  • Loosely fitted dentures

?With a smile makeover, a significant level of attention is directed to the underlying health of your smile and how well it functions overall. If restorative procedures are necessary, we will incorporate aesthetic materials (such as porcelain and ceramic) to rehabilitate your bite in a way that?s both healthy and?beautiful.

Your Personality Will Shine Through

Studies and experiments have shown that individuals who feel proud of the way their teeth look tend to appear happier, make more friends, and have better social lives.

Choosing to invest in a smile makeover is something that can affect not just your smile, but your relationships with other people. When you feel great about how your teeth look, you?ll be more apt to showing them as you smile around other people. This subconsciously connects with other people, as individuals who smile more tend to appear friendlier and happier. No matter what your age is, you deserve to be the person you want to be, without the appearance of unsightly teeth holding your true personality back.

Make a Good First Impression When It Really Counts?

Other experiments and researchers have found that people with beautiful, white, straight teeth tend to do better in job interviews and be offered a higher salary.

Something as simple as teeth whitening may be all that it takes to help your smile stand out. If you?ve finally landed a big interview for your dream job or really want to make a great impression as you re-enter the dating scene, your smile is one of the most important accessories you?ll be wearing. In fact, it?s often the very first thing that other people notice.

While it?s impossible to say that getting a smile makeover will help you finally score a promotion, it certainly won?t hurt you to look your best as you?re working towards one!

Whether you?re choosing to get a smile makeover for yourself or as a gift to someone you love (like a soon-to-be college graduate, parent, or spouse) we?ll work closely with you and your loved one to help you achieve the look you?re searching for.

There?s More Than One Option

Not every smile makeover involves veneers or Invisalign. For some of our patients it may be as simple and affordable as teeth whitening, or having a gum recontouring procedure completed.

Depending on what your needs and priorities are, we can discuss a variety of different options that are appropriate for your situation. Together, we?ll map out a plan that incorporates different aesthetic strategies to give you the best overall results. If you thought there was only one option for a better looking smile, think again!

A smile makeover can be tailored to just about any budget and timeframe. From same-day services that leave you with dazzling white teeth, to strategically mapped out clear orthodontics (Invisalign,) we will work on your timeline and with the most appropriate resources possible to help you achieve end results that fit your individual goals.

Flexible Financing Plans are Available

It?s natural to be anxious about the expected costs involved in a smile makeover. But as with the treatment options, your plan can be customized to fit your budget and timeline. Perhaps you want to start with something more conservative first, or dive right into whatever will promise the most dramatic results possible.

At The Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry, our Newport Beach patients can enjoy flexible financing options on all aesthetic procedures. Easily fit your treatment into your monthly budget, so that you can get started right away.

Ready to learn more about how we can help you change the way you feel about your smile? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Yazdan today to get started.



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