Why You Should Give Sleep Dentistry Another Thought

Why You Should Give Sleep Dentistry Another Thought

If you?ve thought that sleep dentistry isn?t for you, The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry is here to tell you that might not necessarily be the case!

Our Newport Beach, CA sleep dentistry can help you enjoy a comfortable and positive experience for your next procedure, whether it’s for a simple cleaning, or for a crown. But is it helpful for your specific situation? Here are a few reasons you might not have considered when it comes to a relaxing dental appointment:

It?s Not Just for Oral Surgeries

Sleep dentistry isn?t just for having wisdom teeth removed, getting dental implants, or other types of oral surgery. In reality, many sedation procedures are for everyday dental work like crowns, fillings, or just having your teeth cleaned.

Asking about sedation isn?t something that should make you feel embarrassed. It?s a service that we offer on a routine basis. We?re happy to answer any questions you have, so that you can decide whether or not sleep dentistry is right for you.

?Take the Edge Off?

Maybe you feel just a tiny bit nervous when it comes to dental work. You?re not alone; a lot of people struggle with the same thing. The problem comes when you avoid dental work for so long or develop such a huge phobia of the dentist that it keeps you from getting the care you deserve.

With sleep dentistry you can feel as relaxed as possible, no matter what type of procedure you?re being seen for. If it?s just a small amount of anxiety that you struggle with, then a sedative may be the perfect option!

Complete Your Treatment in Fewer Appointments

When you need a few different types of dental procedures (such as a filling on a top right tooth, a crown on the bottom left one, and a root canal on the bottom right) you don?t want to sit through a long procedure with someone else?s hands in your mouth. But with sleep dentistry, our dentist in Newport Beach, CA can work more efficiently and complete all of your procedures in fewer appointments – maybe even one.

Single sedation treatments allow us to complete more complex procedures or multiple restorations in one sitting, while you feel as if you?re napping through the entire thing. Not only is it easier, it saves you time. By the time the sedatives wear off, your local anesthetic will be too. That means you won?t have to have your entire mouth feeling numb for the rest of the day.?

Severe Phobia Can Keep You from Having Healthy Teeth

It?s a common occurrence for people to put dental work off because the idea of it makes them feel uneasy. But when active tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental problems go untreated, they just get worse with time. What might require a simple and minimally invasive procedure today can evolve into a complex and more expensive procedure by the time the year is over.

Eventually, delaying dental treatment means you can lose your natural smile. At The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry we make it our goal to help everyone preserve their healthy teeth for as long as possible.

With sedation, you don?t have to worry about what the visit is going to feel like, because you?ll feel carefree or sleepy throughout the overall process. When we?re able to complete the treatment you need, you?ll be in a better position to preserve the smile that nature intended!

There are Different Levels of Sedation Available

There?s not just one type of dental sedation to consider; several are available, depending on the sedation dentist you see. At The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA we offer oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

Oral Sedation ?A conscious sedation method that uses an oral prescription medication taken an hour before your scheduled treatment. You?ll feel drowsy and may not even remember anything about the appointment. In fact, you?ll be conscious enough to answer simple questions or follow basic instructions but will feel more like you?re dreaming during a light nap.

Nitrous Oxide ? Otherwise known as ?laughing gas,? nitrous oxide is a light sedative that?s inhaled through a soft nosepiece. It takes effect within a few minutes and wears off just as quickly once your treatment is completed. Plus, you?ll be fully conscious the entire time.

IV Sedation ? When sedatives are administered via an intravenous line, they take effect very quickly and work for the specific amount of time needed. IV sedation is preferable when deeper sedation is required, such as during wisdom teeth extractions, implant placement, and oral surgery.

Visit a Sedation Dentist in Newport Beach, CA

Which type of sedation is right for you? If you?ve been putting off treatment because of nerves or taking too much time off of work, contact The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry today to find out if sedation is right for you.

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