Six Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Six Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Your third molars (aka “wisdom teeth”) are the last set of teeth to come in. Usually, this happens anywhere between your teenage years on up until your late 20s. We can detect these teeth on X-rays during early adolescence, getting a preview on whether or not there may be potential problems in the future.

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but a lot of people do. Here are six of the most common reasons why our dentist in Newport Beach may recommend having them taken out proactively, before other complications start to develop:

Pain and Swelling

Most people tend to avoid oral surgery until their wisdom teeth hurt all day, every day. Pain and swelling may be isolated to the area immediately around your teeth, or it can extend into your face. Tenderness or redness may be evident, both of which are signs of an infection.

Unfortunately, these symptoms aren’t going to resolve themselves. While over-the-counter medication can alleviate the discomfort on a temporary basis, “toughing it out” may ultimately lead to a painful toothache that requires emergency dental care. It’s best to take steps before you get to that point. 


Cysts Around Your Wisdom Teeth

On your panoramic X-ray, Dr. Yazdan will evaluate the anatomy around your developing wisdom teeth. While all teeth have a natural “developmental cyst” around them, sometimes the cyst can become too large or infected. When that happens, it leads to bone damage in your jaw.

Ask to see your X-rays during your dental exam. We’ll show you what looks typical, and if any areas appear irregular. You’ll see the same things that we do! 


One of the most common problems seen in wisdom teeth is that they become impacted in the bone or neighboring teeth. This can cause it to only erupt partially, if at all. The limited amount of tooth that’s exposed makes it challenging, if not impossible, to brush and floss. Additionally, the pressure can cause irreversible damage on the teeth that your third molars are pressing into.

Crowded Teeth

A lack of space or impacted wisdom teeth can create a problematic chain reaction: tooth misalignment in your smile. While they’re at the back of your mouth, third molars can cause enough pressure that they push their neighboring teeth forwards. Slowly, this leads to pressure all the way up to the front of your smile.

Over time, crowding and overlapped front teeth can result. If you’ve previously worn braces, this can be especially disheartening, as another set of orthodontics will be necessary to realign your teeth.

Active Decay

In most cases when you have a cavity, our Newport Beach dentist will recommend getting a filling. Treating the cavity while it’s small helps to prevent it from spreading into adjacent teeth.

But with a wisdom tooth, their location makes them especially hard to clean. As such, they get cavities quite easily. In most situations, a wisdom tooth removal is often preferred over treating active decay in your third molar, because cavities are likely to recur.

Periodontal Disease

Like tooth decay, wisdom tooth removal may be needed if your third molars are starting to develop gingivitis or gum disease around them. Since periodontal infections can affect the next tooth, causing bone and gum loss, leaving your wisdom teeth in place can jeopardize the integrity of otherwise healthy teeth.

Dr. Yazdan will recommend a wisdom tooth extraction if your third molars are starting to show signs of tissue detachment and bone loss during your regular exams and X-rays.


The Point of No Return

Wisdom teeth are typically fully developed by around the time you turn 30. If you’re an adult that’s starting to experience pain, swelling, or molars that constantly get infected, then oral surgery is something you’ll want to consider.

Do Wisdom Teeth Extractions Hurt?

Having oral surgery completed is something that can make a lot of people feel nervous. But wisdom tooth removal varies on a case by case basis. Some extractions are simpler, rather than complex procedures. The best Newport Beach dentist will be able to offer you sedation to help you relax through the process.

When you feel like you’re at ease (or even napping through the appointment,) it allows our dentist to work more efficiently, completing your oral surgery in less time. At The Center for Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer everything from gentle nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to oral sedation and IV sedation. There’s an option for every level of comfort and dental anxiety!

Think You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Visit our Newport Beach, CA dentist for an exam to find out if you need wisdom tooth removal. Dr. Desiree Yazdan will evaluate your third molars and recommend the next steps to take. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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