Preventative Dentistry: My goal is to see you less

Preventative Dentistry: My goal is to see you less

Dental-examDental health is a combination of genetics and good dental hygiene. While I can?t change your genetic make-up, I can certainly fix any problems with your teeth, and give you the education and tools to steer you towards preventative care to avoid any further damage to your teeth and oral cavity. Good oral hygiene on a daily basis is the best thing you can do for a long-lasting, healthy future with your teeth and time less spent with your dentist (ahem, me!).

At our appointments, I promise to do my part to keep your teeth and mouth in tip-top shape, but here are some things you can do at home to maintain good dental health, including preventing gum disease, decay, fractured teeth and tooth loss.

Invest in a good electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes on the market today are really quite amazing! I know it?s an investment, but I see a significant difference in my patient?s teeth that use a Sonicare brush. This toothbrush, when used correctly, can thoroughly clean your teeth thanks to the precision of the vibrating brush. It?s especially good for teeth that are prone to plaque build-up and staining. These brushes are so easy to use and offer impressive cleaning results that benefit your long-term dental health.

Use the right toothpaste. If you have sensitive teeth, certain brands of toothpaste may make your sensitivity worse. Toothpaste brands like Sensodyne or Aloesense are great for sensitive teeth because they have fluoride which helps re-mineralize tooth structure and can decrease your sensitivity.

Rinse daily. If you are at high risk for tooth decay, a rinse with fluoride will help re-mineralize tooth structure and fight off bacteria. I also tend to steer away from any rinses that dry out your tissues. One of my favorite brands is Breath RX – it does not have any alcohol in it, so it doesn’t dry out your gum tissue.

Guard your teeth. If you grind your teeth while sleeping, it?s important to wear a properly fitted night-guard. This will prevent your teeth from being damaged and ease the tension placed on your jaw from grinding your teeth. A night-guard can prevent bigger issues with your jaw and teeth down the road.

Everyone?s mouth is different, so it?s important to talk to your dentist about the right tools and brands that are the best fit for your needs. Proper hygiene at home will help keep your mouth free of disease, your teeth healthy and strong and your smile big!






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