Pesky White Spots Along Your Gumlines? Try ICON

Looking to erase the signs of white spots on your teeth, next to your gum tissues? White spots along your gumlines are more common than you might expect.

Our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist has an amazing solution: ICON white spot removal.

What are White Spots on Teeth?

White spots on teeth are technically an early phase of tooth decay. Essentially, plaque is sitting on teeth for a long enough time that the acids inside of it are etching away at the enamel. Left long enough, the acids work their way through the tooth and create a cavity. But the tooth has to demineralize before a hole is created.

As teeth lose minerals, they tend to become more brittle and dehydrated in those spaces. In turn, the tooth enamel takes on a brighter, whiter color than the healthy structures around it.

Although most of us think of cavities as looking brown or black, they usually start out as white spots on teeth. Thankfully, the decay process can be stopped if oral hygiene improves and the plaque in these spaces is removed more thoroughly. 

Why do White Spots Form Along the Gumlines?

Plaque buildup is a natural effect of eating and digestion. When we have food particles left over in our mouths, the natural bacteria break them down and secrete an acidic byproduct or biofilm, which we call “plaque.”

Plaque is extremely sticky and needs to be removed with a toothbrush and floss, otherwise, it will calcify into tartar buildup. It’s also acidic, which is what causes the erosion process that creates white spots on teeth.

But what you might not know is that plaque tends to be the thickest right along the edges of the gums. And sometimes, those spots are overlooked whenever you brush your teeth. Ideally, you want to angle the toothbrush bristles toward the gumlines to remove plaque. If you don’t, it sits there longer than the buildup on other tooth surfaces. In orthodontic patients, this is especially noticeable, as the plaque may be heaviest between the gums and orthodontic brackets.

DMGIcon-Newport-beachOnce someone starts to re-vamp their home hygiene routine (or have braces removed) they may suddenly start to notice the white spots next to their gum tissues.

Will Bleaching Erase White Spots on Teeth?

It’s natural to want to try to bleach out white spots on teeth. Or more specifically, bleach the surrounding tooth so that it blends in with the whiter surface.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. White spots are more demineralized than the healthy tooth around them, so they tend to brighten extremely fast when whitening gels are applied. This can lead to even whiter, more prominent spots on your teeth instead of whiter teeth overall.

When applying whitening agents to your teeth, you also need to be cautious of the gel spilling over onto your gum tissue. When this happens, it can cause tissue burns or even bleached gum tissues. You never want to allow the gel to come into contact with your gums, so bleaching these areas isn’t really even an option. Ultimately—since whitening doesn’t remove white spots on teeth—you’ll need to find another solution.

How to Treat White Spots Next to Gums

Over the years, cosmetic dentists have tried countless approaches to treating white spots on teeth. But when it comes to areas along the gumlines, options are limited. Especially since you do not want to bond over, build up, or create a bulky surface immediately next to gum tissues.

The best solution is to treat the white spot internally, which is why some people try bleaching. But when that proves ineffective it can be extremely frustrating.

Dr. Yazdan has discovered that the best way to treat white spots next to your gum tissues is with ICON. The resin infiltration process treats the tooth from the inside, erasing the dehydrated bright patch and causing the entire tooth surface to look consistent across the surface.

ICON uses resin infiltration that reflects the light and color of adjacent tooth structures. This allows the tooth to look the same color in that area, even if you choose to whiten your teeth at a later point in time. The ICON-treated surface will continue to maintain color consistency with the entire tooth, because of the transparent resin that’s used.

ICON Treatment in Newport Beach

Dr. Yazdan is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in Newport Beach offering ICON treatment in her practice. While treating white spots can be exceptionally difficult, even for highly experienced dentists, ICON promises amazing results for our patients. By providing this innovative service in our practice, we can help achieve the healthier, attractive teeth you’ve wanted for so long.

Call The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry today to reserve an ICON consultation with Dr. Yazdan.

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