Laser Gum Recontouring: What You Need to Know

Do uneven gum tissues (gingiva) detract from the way your teeth look? Irregular gumlines can pose a major aesthetic challenge. Fortunately, our state-of-the-art lasers and gummy smile treatment in Newport Beach can help.

Dental lasers are used for a variety of soft tissue therapies. As an FDA-approved dental device, they shorten the time span of common cosmetic dentistry treatments and improve the overall comfort of our patients. So, if you’re hesitant at the idea of a laser dental procedure, it can help to learn more about gummy smile treatments and how laser technology comes into play.

Why Are My Gums Uneven?

 People have uneven gumlines for a variety of reasons. Even certain types of medications can cause gum tissue growth, resulting in higher gumlines and swollen areas. Hormones — particularly during pregnancy — are also known for occasionally adding to gingival growths. In some of these instances, they will resolve on their own, but others require professional intervention.

Gums can also be uneven because of periodontal disease, trauma, orthodontic therapy, or brushing too hard. But usually, these cases involve inadequate gum height as opposed to too much gum tissue.

No matter the cause, uneven gumlines can detract from the appearance of your teeth. Gummy smile treatment can serve both as a cosmetic as well as a therapeutic advantage, depending on the causes. And at The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry, we prefer to use lasers for all gum recontouring procedures, due to the safety and efficacy of the technology.

Gums that Make Teeth Look Short or Misshaped

The shape of your gumlines is typically curved around each tooth, with a pointed “papilla” extending between each one. But if there’s an overgrowth of gum tissues, it means less tooth is visible.

Excessive gingiva can give the illusion of having teeth that are shaped irregularly or shorter than they really are. But in fact, the only thing that’s going on is that gum tissues are covering the tooth. By adjusting the edges of your gingiva, you can inadvertently help the teeth to look properly shaped.

 What is Gummy Smile Treatment? 

Gummy smile treatment is technically called “gingival recontouring.” During the process, we’re manually reshaping the edges of your gumline to help them look more even and healthy.

Since a gummy smile is caused by excess tissue covering your teeth, we use lasers to safely (and gently) lift the height of the gumline. In a matter of seconds, the underlying tooth becomes visible.

Today’s gummy smile treatments are easier and more comfortable since they involve lasers. There are no sutures, and since the tissues are gently cauterized there’s practically no swelling or bleeding afterward. It’s really quite a gentle process!

Crown Lengthening with Lasers

Most gingival recontouring treatments are cosmetic in nature. However, we also use lasers to perform crown lengthening for restorative purposes. For example, let’s say that Dr. Yazdan needs to place a porcelain crown on one of your teeth, but there’s significant wear. If the tooth is too short, it won’t have enough surface area to bond the crown to. So instead, we use lasers to gently reduce the gum height around the tooth, lengthening the crown. As a result, we have a larger surface area for the crown to rest on top of, ensuring the long-term success of the restoration.

The Perfect Frame for a Gorgeous Smile

You might not think about it much, but your gum tissues are like the frame to your teeth. When they’re healthy and properly shaped, it complements the overall look of your smile.

Even if you had amazingly straight, white teeth, but your gums are uneven or infected, your smile won’t look its best. That’s why Dr. Yazdan frequently implements lasers and gummy smile treatment into our Newport Beach smile makeovers.

Pairing Gum Recontouring with Other Treatments

If you’re considering getting laser gum recontouring, be sure to let Dr. Yazdan know. Any time we’re planning a restorative treatment — such as a crown, dental veneer, or implant — the level of your gumlines affect the planning process. It isn’t possible to add to those restorations later if the gum contours are adjusted. The better solution is to perform your gum recontouring as part of the overall treatment plan for predictable, attractive results.

Should I Get Laser Treatment? 

Soft tissue laser therapy is both comfortable and efficient. There aren’t the same lengthy recovery times you see in more complex types of oral surgery. Lasers safely allow our cosmetic dentist to delicately adjust your gumlines to reveal fuller, properly shaped teeth.

If you have a tooth that seems out of place, take a look to see if it’s actually your gum tissue. If it is, then soft tissue lasers can help!

Looking for gummy smile treatment and other soft tissue laser therapies in Newport Beach? Call The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry today to schedule.

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