I’ve Got Your Valentine! (seriously)

I’ve Got Your Valentine! (seriously)

Valentine-less? Don’t worry, I was always valentine-less too. ?But dark chocolate is there for you! With all it?s rich benefits such as, prevention from potential cancer, protection from disease causing free radicals, and the fact that it’s rich with antioxidants, how could you not want to indulge in this savory treat?

Dark chocolate also improves heart health, which may help you cope with not having a valentine. The heart protective antioxidants found in dark chocolate are called flavanols. Raw, unprocessed cocoa is a rich source of flavanol. Flavonals do many things for your heart such as, lowering blood pressure and improving the flow of blood from your brain to your heart.

Dark chocolate is not only good for your health, but your teeth as well (you knew this was coming). ?Theobromine found in dark chocolate is an alkaloid of the cocoa plant that hardens tooth enamel, and also helps prevent tooth decay. ?Additionally, the compounds in coco beans have other antibacterial effects that also helps harden tooth enamel. ?Since many methods of processing cocoa removes a lot of its antioxidants, looking for these key elements when purchasing dark chocolate may help: Look for chocolate that is non-alkalized, 70%, or higher cocoa, and make sure to not over-indulge!

Portion control is an important factor you may want to consider in your intake. If you’re not much of a chocolate lover, I?d lean towards sugarless candies if you need to indulge during this holiday. I?d also recommend staying away from lollipops and any sticky candies. Sticky candies, or candies that sit in your mouth for a while create an acidic environment for a longer period of time which can lead to tooth decay. With all that being said, dark chocolate may be your safest and best bet this valentines!


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