How to Care for Your New Dental Veneers

How to Care for Your New Dental Veneers

Congratulations on finally getting a smile makeover with dental veneers. Now that you?ve completed treatment, you?ll want to take extra steps to ensure you get the most out of your investment as possible.

Knowing how to care for your veneers is important, because if a veneer becomes damaged or decay develops around it, the entire restoration will need to be replaced. With great home care and routine visits with our Newport Beach cosmetic dentist, you can help your dental veneers last for years.

Floss Daily

Dental veneers cannot get cavities, but the tooth structure underneath them can can. Because dental veneers only cover the portion of your tooth that is visible when you smile, there?s a significant amount of tooth that is not protected from food, bacteria, and acid. As such, you?ll need to clean around and between your veneers daily (just as you would your natural teeth).

Don?t worry about accidentally pulling your veneer (or other dental work) off with floss. When done correctly, flossing actually helps your restorations last longer.

Wrap the floss snuggly against your tooth, curving it into a ?C? shape so that it can slide up and down while slipping under the gumlines. Clean the side of the tooth and gumline several times before moving the floss over the gums and to the next tooth.

If flossing is particularly challenging, consider investing in a water flosser. These unique tools work just as effectively as (if not better than) traditional floss.

Brush Gently

Aggressive brushing or using a stiff-bristled brush can wear away enamel and gum tissues along the contours of your veneers, making them stand out from the rest of your teeth. When you brush, use a soft (or extra-soft) toothbrush. Make short strokes on one or two teeth at a time, rather than wide sweeping strokes (which tend to be more aggressive.)

Consider investing in an electric toothbrush, as they?re extremely efficient when cleaning away biofilm and preventing stain buildup. Just remember to select one that?s gentle, rather than abrasive (you usually get what you pay for!) If you?re unsure of which model or design to choose from, be sure to ask us during your next checkup.

Choose a Gentle Toothpaste

It can be tempting to use abrasive toothpastes or activated charcoal to remove surface stains from your teeth, but these abrasive products can actually harm your new veneers. Tiny scratches can develop across the surface of the porcelain over time, causing the restorations to pick up excessive stain particles and look discolored.

Instead, select a non-abrasive or sensitivity-blend toothpaste with fluoride to brush your teeth with.

While whitening toothpastes won?t change the color of your veneers, they can help to prevent new stains from forming on them. Just be careful to not choose one that is abrasive. When in doubt, opt for a whitening mouthwash instead. We?ll also polish any stains off of your teeth and veneers when you come in for your regular cleaning.

Treat Them Like Your Teeth

While porcelain is extremely durable, it?s not invincible. Using your veneers as tools to open up packages or chew on your nails can cause it to gradually wear down. Now that you?ve invested in your smile to help it look its best, you?ll want to make sure you aren?t as hard on your veneers as you might have been with your teeth before treatment.

?Wear a Protective Mouthguard or Splint at Night

Some people tend to grind and clench their teeth when they sleep. If we suspect that your bite is showing signs of wear, we?ll recommend wearing a protective mouthguard to sleep in.

This special splint prevents excessive pressure and grinding of your teeth and dental veneers, preserving the lifetime of your cosmetic enhancement. Otherwise, the extra tension during the night could cause the porcelain to chip away (if it does, it can?t be patched over.)

For the best protection and a comfortable mouthpiece that fits like a glove, ask Dr. Yazdan to have one made at our office. Custom designed night guards tend to fit better and be easier to sleep in than looser ?boil and bite? designs that can be found at the supermarket.

Click here to read about night guards

?Schedule Regular Checkups and Cleanings

To keep your smile as healthy as possible, schedule a preventative care appointment at The Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry every six months. During your checkup and cleaning, we?ll evaluate your teeth and dental work (including veneers) to ensure everything looks healthy and that you?re caring for them in the best way possible. We?ll also provide valuable information and resources on preventing unwanted dental infections and keeping your veneers stain-free.

How long has it been since your last cleaning and exam? Call our Newport Beach office today to schedule your next appointment!

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