Gummy Smile Treatment in Newport Beach

Do you want to fix your “gummy” smile? Do you have a tendency to pull your upper lip up too far when you smile, exposing too much gum tissue? Gummy smiles and excess gum tissue can spoil beautiful teeth and detract from your true beauty. Asymmetrical gumlines can even make healthy teeth look like they need professional dental care.

Gummy smiles are adorable in children but not so much in adults. Fortunately, you can improve the appearance of your tissue shape so that it appears more natural and healthier looking.

It makes no difference how healthy or white your teeth are if you are constantly focused on uneven, bulky gums rather than your teeth. Fortunately, removing excess gum tissue and creating an even, symmetrical gumline across your smile can easily improve the appearance of a gummy smile.

gummy-smile-solution-newport-beachWhat is a Gummy Smile?

Do you notice more gum tissue than teeth when you smile? A gummy smile is caused by a disproportionate correlation between the gum tissue, tension in your upper lip, and tooth shape/size. When your lip retracts during smiling or laughing, we usually expect to see more teeth than gums. However, if your natural teeth appear short, your gum tissue is visible too much, or you have a tight lip, it detracts from the overall symmetry.

Gummy smiles are more common than you might think. To achieve the best overall results, Dr. Yazdan frequently uses laser gum contouring with other smile makeover treatments. When considering cosmetic dentistry or undergoing a smile makeover, it’s critical to consider how your gum and lip tissues will be affected. If you have a gummy smile or a hyperactive upper lip, one or two extra steps are added to your treatment plan.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

 What causes a person to have too much gum tissue? Fully understanding will assist you in selecting the best treatment option. Here are a few of the reasons why someone might want to repair a gummy smile:

  • Inheriting gummy smile characteristics from a parent
  • Using medications that are known to cause gingival overgrowth/hyperplasia
  • Pregnancy tumors or hormone-induced tissue growth are examples of hormonal changes.
  • Upper lip hyperactivity
  • Problems with jaw development or a lack of access to orthodontic treatment
  • Unusual tooth development, such as teeth that are too small or disproportionately shaped in comparison to neighboring teeth

Some people have gummy smiles for the rest of their lives. Others develop them as they age, such as excess gum tissue growth caused by medication and hormonal changes. Perhaps orthodontic treatment pushed and squeezed the tissues, resulting in a gummy appearance. While it may be tempting to visit a cosmetic or general dentist to discuss modifying each natural tooth, adjusting the excessive gingival display yields the best results.

Fixing a Gummy Smile

Gum recontouring is both a cosmetic and therapeutic procedure for gummy smiles. This treatment gently changes the shape of your gum margins (gumline) to make them more aligned and proportionate to your teeth. We can gently reshape your gingival tissues and reveal more of the tooth’s surface with gum contouring. As a result, your teeth will appear fuller and more appropriately sized.

Your results may be permanent or semi-permanent, depending on the type of gummy smile therapy you choose. Unlike orthodontic treatment or jaw surgery, a traditional gum contouring procedure provides immediate results with little to no recovery time.

Traditional and laser gum contouring are both safe procedures that provide a permanent solution for anyone self-conscious about extra gum tissue, especially if your teeth erupt too low or if your upper teeth have a severe jaw protrusion. If necessary, we can even fine-tune your dental crowns. When a person’s teeth are partially covered, maxillofacial surgery is rarely required. Gingivectomies are now safer, more precise, and milder than traditional gum surgery.

Laser Gum Recontouring 

For our patients with gummy smiles, adjusting the gumline margins is a stable and easy treatment option.

Adjusting the contours of your gums exposes more tooth structure, giving you the appearance of fuller teeth. Dr. Yazdan may choose to use soft tissue lasers, depending on the extent of the gum tissue that needs to be adjusted. Laser recontouring is a minimally invasive, comfortable procedure that heals quickly and with little to no recovery time. When you look in the mirror after your gummy smile treatment, you’ll notice a healthier-looking smile. If you have dental anxiety, we are committed to making the experience as soothing and pleasant as possible.

Gummy Smile Treatment in Newport Beach

A healthy smile is more than just having beautiful teeth. It includes everything from your gums to your entire facial profile. Our holistic approach to oral health care at the Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry includes your overall wellness as part of your treatment plan. Make your appointment with our Newport Beach dentist today!

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