Gentle Dentist in Newport Beach

Are you looking for a gentle dentist? The Center for Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach provides attentive, compassionate care for adults of all ages. If you’re someone with dental anxiety because of bad experiences in the past, Dr. Desiree Yazdan can help you change the way you view going to the dentist!

If finding a gentle dentist is your top priority, keep these things in mind…

What Makes a Gentle Dentist?

One of the things that makes Dr. Yazdan a gentle dentist is the particular techniques she uses during your procedures. But not only does she have a gentle hand, she also has an attentive ear. By communicating closely with our patients, we’re able to understand their personal histories, needs, and feelings related to dental care. A stronger relationship and healthy back-and-forth communication allows Dr. Yazdan to perform your care as gently as possible.

How Skill and Technology Help 

Years of practice and gentle techniques allow for stress-free dental care. But a soft touch isn’t the only thing that affects how relaxing your dental appointment will be. Having the right technology on hand is also crucial.

For instance, state-of-the-art resources allow certain procedures to be performed more efficiently. Spending less time in the dental chair is a priority. And the fact that better technology ensures a higher level of accuracy means you’re less likely to have complications or recurring problems in the future.

What About Sedation Dentistry?

Even if you have a gentle dentist, you may feel nervous about getting dental work done. That’s ok! Our office provides sedation dentistry for situations just like this, when our patients need help relaxing. It doesn’t matter whether you need a routine procedure or have something complex planned. Tapping into the additional relaxation factor with sedation dentistry can help you overcome concerns like dental anxiety or phobia.

Combining sedation dentistry with the care of a gentle dentist like Dr. Yazdan makes it easier to stay up to date on your oral health needs. Especially if there are major treatments your teeth require.

For People with Dental Anxiety

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 adults has some form of dental anxiety. If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, it tends to cause you to put your visits off as long as possible. At that point, it’s likely that you won’t go back to the dental office until a major dental emergency such as a toothache is bothering you.

When dental anxiety interferes with your routine preventative care, it means it’s impossible to catch minor dental issues while they’re reversible or easily treated. So instead of placing a modest restoration or reversing the condition, the situation progresses into a scenario that requires more complex treatments.

Finding a gentle dentist that you trust can help you overcome your dental anxiety. And in turn, your oral health care needs tend to be lower in severity. So, when you do need care, the treatment is efficient and affordable!

What to Expect During Your Appointment 

We encourage you to let us know about your dental anxiety at the time of scheduling. No, we won’t judge you! Knowing that you feel nervous about going to the dentist helps us to better facilitate an even gentler experience.

The more you share your concerns with us, the better we can accommodate them. As a gentle dentist, Dr. Yazdan understands that everyone’s story is different. Maybe your tooth hurts and you don’t want someone to touch it, or perhaps you had a heavy-handed dentist as a child and haven’t been back since. Let us help you change the way you see going to the dental office.

Taking Advantage of Preventative Care

Routine checkups, gentle cleanings, and thorough exams help you ward off serious dental problems before you start. We suggest that all of our patients with fairly healthy teeth plan a checkup at least every six months. If you’re someone with a history of gum disease, cleanings as every as 3-4 months can be extremely beneficial.

In contrast, putting those visits on hold means that tartar buildup is heavier, gingivitis is more prominent, and other conditions go overlooked. When you do come back for a checkup, the care typically takes a little longer and uses more energy.

Taking the first step in maintaining routine preventative care plays a significant role in how “aggressive” future treatments need to be. Simply scheduling a regular checkup and professional cleaning twice a year can help to ensure the gentlest experience possible each time you visit the dentist.

Visit Our Newport Beach Gentle Dentist

Dr. Yazdan is known as being one of the best gentle dentists in Newport Beach. If you have dental anxiety or are considering sedation dentistry, we encourage you to visit us at The Center for Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry. Contact us today to request an appointment.

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  • Sonia Gonzalez
    May 13, 2021 11:36 pm

    How do I make an appointment? I live in Arizona so I need to plan ahead of time

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