Foods That REDUCE Tooth Stain

We all know some of the most obvious culprits of tooth staining. Things like coffee, tea, red wine and all those pesky (yet delicious) stain inducing habits are sure to darken our smiles… So is there hope for our smiles to brighten in anyway? How about a list of foods that do the opposite of stain your teeth? Hello prevention! Today we are going to learn about some special foods and drinks that can actually prevent tooth stain, to ensure you keep those pearly whites as white as possible! Paired with our Newport Beach teeth whitening options, you can help you reach your smile goals in no time.


Yes, you read that right, strawberries can reduce tooth staining! Strawberries can have a brightening effect to your smile thanks to some special acids they contain. Citric acid and malic acid are to thank for the brightening effects of your smile. Citric acid can cause almost immediate effects to tooth enamel brightness, however its important to note that citric acid can also cause mineral loss of the enamel as well. While having some strawberries with your lunch shouldn’t cause an acid overload, its important to note that frequently consuming high amounts of other acidic foods isn’t something you want to do every day.

clean-teeth-stains-food-newport-beachDairy Products

Cheese lovers will be happy to hear that all that cheese snacking’ might actually be doing your teeth a favor! While it is no secret that dairy products like milk and cheese are fantastic for your oral health by providing a source of calcium and vitamin D to your teeth and gums, it turns out they can also reduce staining appearance. So how does dairy do this exactly? Dairy products can repair damaged tooth enamel as well  as reduce acids in your saliva. By reducing acids and producing more balanced saliva, it  can help wash away stain-causing food particles and protect your tooth surfaces! The best sources of dairy for oral health include milk, cheese, and yogurt. It’s important to note that these sources of dairy should be plain, meaning NO added sugars and no added flavors, as those can have the opposite effect on tooth enamel and oral health. When in doubt always read the ingredient list and check your nutritional labels.

Raw Vegetables

Like we needed any more reasons to eat our veggies, but here we go again. Raw veggies can be a great way to reduce stain and improve our overall nutritional intake at the same time. Veggies like raw carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers and even broccoli can be beneficial in reducing tooth stains. Eating these foods in their raw forms, requires lots of chewing which can help stimulate salivary flow, as well as mechanically removing plaque from our teeth surfaces.

Other Tasty Fruits

While some fruits can contribute to increased tooth staining, such as blackberries and blueberries, others can reverse it! Fresh fruits like apples and pears can also help stimulate plenty of saliva that can wash away food and plaque bacteria from our teeth. Apples have a scrubbing effect and can act like natures toothbrush when we bite down on the fibrous texture. Pineapple has even been shown to reduce staining due to its anti-inflammatory ingredient, bromelain. Keep in mind that fruit can also be acidic and to be sure you are balancing these foods with other food groups is key to stable oral health!


We couldn’t have a list of anti-stain food and drinks without including water on the list. Even if you do consume beverages like coffee and tea, sipping on water throughout the day and in-between your coffee breaks could significantly reduce tooth staining. Water helps to naturally wash away food and bacteria in our mouths. Water also helps to balance our pH or acid levels. With a more stabilizing pH, we are less likely to have an acidic environment in our mouth or saliva in general. If saliva is too acidic, it can in turn break down tooth enamel and actually encourage tooth staining and decay.

Know When to See a Professional

While including these items in your diet can certainly naturally reduce tooth staining, nothing can compare to cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening with professional bleaching products. If you have these items in your diet but still struggle with the color appearance of your teeth, Dr. Yazdan and team at the Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry are here to help you reach your smile goals! By booking a cosmetic dentistry consultation, Dr. Yazdan can review whitening options that would be best for you and your teeth.

While our diets play a vital role in the health and longevity of our teeth and gums like reducing tooth staining by making the right choices, sometimes we still need a little help from a great cosmetic dentist to reach our full potential. Call Dr. Yazdan in Newport Beach for a consultation to review your teeth whitening options!

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