Dental Fillings FAQs

Dental fillings help repair open voids in your tooth, created by bacterial infections known as “cavities.” While older types of fillings used to be made out of silver, today’s Newport Beach fillings are typically a white, composite material that matches your natural tooth.

Do I Need a Dental Filling?

If you have an active cavity that has ruptured through your outer layer of tooth enamel, then yes, you will need a filling. Any mild areas of demineralization may not need treatment right away. But decay in the next layer of tooth structure can spread quite quickly. That’s why regular dental exams and intermittent X-rays are essential for early screening.

How Long do Dental Fillings Last?
Most dental fillings last about 10-20 years, depending on the patient and material used. As newer products are perfected, fillings have the potential to last longer than before. However, your home care and dietary habits will also play a role! If you aren’t flossing every day or have a high intake of processed carbs and sugars, your filling may need to be replaced within a couple of years because of new decay.


What is the Best Type of Dental Filling?

Dr. Yazdan prefers to use white, composite dental fillings. These restorations are minimally invasive to tooth enamel and blend in with the natural color of your teeth. They allow us to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

Can I Get a Filling Instead of a Crown?

Only if there’s enough healthy tooth structure left. Otherwise, an extremely large filling in a small shell of tooth won’t be able to withstand biting and chewing (causing the tooth to break apart over time.) Whereas crowns cover the entire tooth, equally distributing biting pressure and protecting the tooth underneath it.

Why do Dentists Put Fillings in Baby Teeth?

Why do children get dental fillings if those teeth are only going to fall out? Because the decay can spread into adjacent healthy teeth, the permanent teeth below them, or cause premature tooth loss (resulting in a chain reaction of dental crowding or misplaced teeth.) Small fillings are appropriate for all ages!

Is Bonding the Same Thing as a Filling?

Dental bonding is usually placed over healthy teeth with surface flaws, such as pits or chipped enamel, or to fill in gaps. Whereas fillings fill in open cavities inside of the tooth. However, the materials that are used are basically identical. They bond directly to the tooth and the color blends in with everything around it.

Can I Replace My Old Silver Filling with a White One?

As long as your old amalgam filling isn’t very large, it may be possible to replace it with a white one. But since amalgam is held in place by a wedge cut into the tooth structure, an even larger restoration will be needed in its place. As old silver fillings age, they are typically replaced with onlays, inlays, or full coverage crowns.

Does it Hurt to Get a Dental Filling?

Not at all. Dr. Yazdan uses gentle techniques and thorough numbing medication to ensure your comfort at all times. Chances are that the only thing you’ll feel during the filling is a little bit of pressure. We’ll even use a topical numbing gel before administering any local anesthetic.

Can You Fill Root Cavities?

Root surface cavities need to be treated quickly, as those areas can decay at alarmingly fast rates. If you have exposed root surfaces because of gum disease or traumatic injuries, we want to take steps to protect them in the event of active cavities.

Is it Possible to Reverse Cavities?

The only time we can remineralize weak enamel is during the early stages of “demineralization.” This is the first phase of tooth decay, where acids or bacteria begin to etch or erode the outermost layer of tooth. If it isn’t intercepted quickly, a physical opening (cavity) will form. Fortunately, it’s possible to remineralize those areas with good home care and fluoride. If there are any white spots leftover as a result, Dr. Yazdan also offers ICON white spot treatment in our Newport Beach cosmetic office.

How do Dental Fillings Work?

White dental fillings bond naturally to your porous tooth enamel. When cured in place, they create a tight connection with the healthy tooth structure next to them. They seal out any bacteria to prevent spread of decay into adjacent structures.

Cosmetic Dental Fillings in Newport Beach

The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry offers cosmetic dental restorations for our clients with broken, decayed, or missing teeth. If you have a cavity, our white composite restorations are an excellent choice for repairing your smile.

Dr. Yazdan is always happy to work with you and discuss the most appropriate treatments for your teeth. Call our Newport Beach office today to reserve your first visit with us.

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