Ceramic Crowns vs. Dental Veneers

When it comes to an attractive smile, both porcelain crowns and ceramic dental crowns offer similar benefits. However, they are two completely different restorations that serve specific purposes depending on what your smile actually needs. Our Newport Beach dentist uses both crowns and veneers for separate reasons, but both can enhance your smile’s appearance

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are protective restorations that cover a tooth or dental implant, all the way up to the gum tissues. They recreate the tooth structure and appearance, allowing you to continue biting and chewing on that tooth without any damage occurring to the structure that’s left behind.

A crown can be cosmetic to enhance your appearance, but the main goal is restorative. Without a crown, the damaged tooth underneath it would continue breaking down or decaying to the point that total removal would be necessary.

What is a Cosmetic Veneer?

Cosmetic dental veneers are thin, aesthetic restorations that Dr. Yazdan bonds over the front of your most noticeable teeth. Usually, that’s the upper front 6-10 teeth, depending on the width of your smile.

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Unlike crowns, veneers are specifically used for cosmetic purposes to change the appearance of several teeth at a time. They do not provide full coverage around damaged, worn, or decaying teeth; the veneer only covers the front of the tooth and just over the edges of each one. Only a thin amount of enamel is gently buffed away to create space for the porcelain veneer.

Do Crowns and Veneers Look the Same?

From the outside of your mouth looking in, yes, crowns and veneers look almost the same. But dental crowns can be made from different types of materials or using separate techniques, so there may not be as much color variation or aesthetic hue unless you’re seeing a cosmetic dentist for your treatment.

Each crown and veneer should be designed for a natural-looking yet attractive appearance. With crowns, the goal is to match the restoration to the adjacent teeth on either side of it. But if you’re getting several crowns across multiple teeth, you will have more flexibility when it comes to changing their overall shape, color, etc.

With dental veneers, they are usually installed across several teeth at a time (not one or two) so they are purposely designed to look different than your natural smile. You would use this opportunity to select the exact contour and shade of white to fit your personal preferences and appearance. The goal wouldn’t be to blend in with other teeth but rather to change your smile’s appearance overall.

Ultimately, when you smile, no one should be able to tell if you have crowns or veneers; they should look natural and attractive.

Should I Get a Crown, Veneers, or Both?

As long as your crowns and veneers are crafted by the same ceramist at the same time, it may be possible to combine the restorations as part of your smile makeover. You will want to find out going into the process which one(s) you need, as it’s more difficult to match ceramics and porcelains if they’re placed at different times.

dental-crowns-newport-beachDr. Yazdan will recommend a set of dental veneers if your teeth are healthy and structurally sound. If they are not—and it’s obvious that they will continue to wear or break down—a full-coverage crown is typically best. It might be that you need five veneers and one crown; our lab can design each restoration from the same batch of ceramic materials for optimal aesthetics and consistency.

Even if you’re getting crowns on teeth and dental implants at the same time, Dr. Yazdan can ensure that the shape and hue of each one provide the type of smile makeover that you’re looking for.

If you only have one or two teeth that are a concern, it may be that a crown works best for your situation. Normally, veneers are installed in sets of 6-8 teeth at a time, whereas crowns are ideal for 1-2 teeth. There will be some things to talk through and consider, as veneers are less invasive restorations in general. Dr. Yazdan will guide you through the process to discuss the advantages of each one. Rest assured that our Newport Beach practice will treat your smile as if it were one of our own!

Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach

The Center For Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry offers custom-curated cosmetic treatments for every individual. It may be that you need several veneers, crowns, or a combination of both that will help your smile look its best.

We encourage you to meet with our top-rated cosmetic dentist—Dr. Desiree Yazdan—at our Newport Beach practice to find out which solution is best for you. Contact our office today to reserve your first exam with us!

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