Causes of Bad Breath You Should Be Aware Of!

Causes of Bad Breath You Should Be Aware Of!

So, in this blog post, we?re going to talk about something embarrassing. ?A subject that most people avoid: Bad breath. Bad breath, which is also called halitosis, is an issue that no one wants to have to deal with but it is something that some people do experience. That?s why today, I wanted to share some of the causes of bad breath so that you can find a solution that works best for you so you don?t have to experience this anymore.

Having to deal with bad breath can make you feel insecure, increase anxiety, and greatly impact how you feel about yourself. And while some situations are worse than others, there are some things that you can start to pay attention to that may be causing your breath issues. It?s important for you to know that not brushing your teeth properly is not the only thing that causes bad breath and that there?s a lot more to it than that.

So, what can cause bad breath anyway?

Food: It?s no secret that foods can definitely cause bad breath. When you think about foods like spices, garlic, and onions it?s no secret that they can cause you to have bad breath but do you know how they really impact your breath? When you consume these foods what happens is that they enter your bloodstream and they are carried to and metabolized in your lungs which causes you to have bad breath. ?The worst part? Some of these foods take several days before they are removed from your body!

Tobacco: Using tobacco products, like cigarettes and cigars, can cause an odor not only in your mouth but in your entire body as well. When you use these products they can cause an unpleasant smell that is left behind by the products which cause you to have bad breath. Not only do they affect your breath, they can lead to gum disease and certain cancers as well. ?They also can lead to loss of bone structure, which means loose teeth, and possible loss of teeth! Not something that I’d want to experience!

Certain Medications: Some of the medications that you take can cause you to have bad breath. These medications contain chemicals in them that are able to travel through your bloodstream and eventually find their way into your mouth and cause you to have bad breath. They may also contribute to you having dry mouth which is also known to cause bad breath, and rampant decay. ?If this is something you are experiencing, make sure you see your dentist ASAP!?

Dental Hygiene: We can’t skip this one, even if it is the most obvious one. The care and attention that you put into how you take care of your mouth will contribute heavily to the bad breath that you are experiencing. It?s important that you are brushing and flossing daily to get rid of the food particles that are in your mouth that can lead to calculus formation, gum inflammation, and bad breath. Not doing these things on a daily basis could be what?s leading to bad breath for you.

There are definitely other things that can lead to you experiencing issues with your breath, and you should definitely speak with your dentist to figure out exactly what?s going on. ?Something I didn’t mention is infection. ?I won’t get into too much detail about this, but just know that if you have infections in your mouth, it can lead to you having halitosis. ?Also, keep in mind that certain health conditions and diseases can cause you to experience bad breath so it?s a topic that should come up when you?re speaking with your healthcare professional. I think that a great place to start right now is to evaluate the items I?ve mentioned above, see what you need to focus on, and get started on tackling the issues that you’re having with bad breath. ?

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