6 Things You Need To Know About ICON White Spot Removal

If you were to ask 100 people in Newport Beach what they would like to change about their teeth, most people will tell you they would like to have brighter, more even tooth coloration. Because of the latest technological advances in dentistry, Dr. Yazdan of Newport Beach can help you achieve your best smile in just one appointment with ICON White Spot Removal.

What Are White Spots on Teeth?

White Spot Lesions are small white areas typically affecting visible teeth. They are usually seen following orthodontic treatment or caused by an enamel defect. These lesions are weak spots in the enamel and can eventually turn into tooth decay. Additionally, white spots can become sensitive, resulting in the need to avoid certain foods and drinks altogether.

White spot lesions often appear even more noticeable after whitening procedures, which can be very disappointing.

Icon Resin Infiltration Orange CountyHow Dentists Treat White Spots on Teeth

In the past, white spots on teeth needed to be covered with composite bonding or porcelain veneers. Not only are these procedures fairly intrusive to teeth, but they also require several appointments and added costs. Now with advances in dental technology, Dr. Yazdan of Newport Beach can easily treat white spot lesions in a cost-effective way without the need of removing any natural tooth structure. ICON white spot removal may be your best option to achieve the smile you always dreamed of! 

  1. How Does ICON White Spot Removal Work?

During ICON white spot removal treatment, an etchant material is first applied to the affected teeth. This material will open your dental pores to allow the ICON resin to infiltrate the tooth. Next, the thin ICON liquid resin is applied directly to the tooth surface and dried with a dental curing light. The resin is quickly absorbed by the white spots and any other areas where the enamel has weakened. Your teeth are left stronger, less sensitive, and have a beautiful, more uniform color. The entire process takes about an hour and there is no need for dental anesthetic.

  1. What You Should Do Before ICON White Spot Removal

Before your ICON appointment, you should schedule your preventative care visit. During this time, Dr. Yazdan will evaluate your dental health and determine if you are a good candidate for ICON White Spot Removal. A professional dental cleaning will be performed to ensure your teeth are free from stains and debris that can interfere with the ICON resin. Our highly skilled dental hygienists will provide you with any extra home care recommendations you may need for optimum oral health.

  1. Immediate Results In One Appointment

You can expect to leave your ICON White Spot Removal with whiter, brighter, more even coloration. Application of the ICON resin can be done in a short amount of time, typically about an hour. You can get back to your busy schedule with absolutely no downtime and enjoy your improved smile!

  1. ICON Is Painless

ICON White Spot Removal is very minimally invasive. Unlike traditional dental treatments, there is no need for a drill. Instead, a liquid etchant material is applied to the teeth before placing the ICON resin to ensure it works correctly. Also, no anesthetic is needed so you will not leave with a numb, fat-feeling lip!

  1. Results are Long Lasting

Although whitening kits do a great job of lightening your teeth, results are always temporary. With ICON White Spot Removal, your results can last a lifetime depending on how you take care of your teeth. Good oral health habits such as brushing and flossing twice daily and using fluoridated toothpaste are recommended to ensure your teeth stay as healthy as possible. 

  1. What To Expect After ICON White Spot Removal

Following your ICON White Spot Removal, your teeth will look and feel amazing. Your teeth will be stronger, healthier, and even less sensitive. However, during the first 24 hours, you will want to avoid certain foods and drinks. ICON resin can take on stains from foods and beverages that are dark in color. A good rule to remember is that anything that will stain your clothes will stain your teeth. Avoid coffee, tea, red wine, dark or red berries as well as smoking or smokeless tobacco.

Dental White Spot Treatment in Newport Beach

If white spot lesions are keeping you from showing off your best smile, contact The Center for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach today. Dr. Yazdan has years of experience getting rid of those stubborn white spots using the ICON white spot removal treatment. In about an hour, you could be enjoying your new and improved smile! Call now to schedule an appointment.

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